I need really light #60 extensions


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Apr 23, 2012
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Struggling to find a really light #60 in stick tip.
Mid range quality.
The girl bleaches her already blonde hair so it is very light and nothing seems to be quite light enough. She doesn't have a lot to spend (yes I know!) but can go up to about £70 for the hair.
I tried extensionelle but it wasn't even really a #613 in my opinion. Don't want to keep ordering and sending back so thought I would ask on here.
Steph x
Haven't got my colour ring handy but isn't 613 the lightest blonde? Maybe try and get a 613 blonde,

Try foxy, lush us, viola extensions they are more of the budget brands x

Hope this helps x
Well I always had the #60 as lighter than #613 as in it being 'Platinum Blonde' rather than 'Lightest Blonde' if you get me.
I've seen a few comments about the Lush us blondes not being great or I would have just ordered from there.
The #613 looks a bit yellow compared to her hair as it is almost white really.
The only place I ever found a really light cheaper blonde was a place called no 1 hair factory but the customer service is shocking (rude isn't even the word) and I swore never to use them again! But may have to now haha
have you tried hair planet?
i have colour rings for hair planet lush us and hair trade (i&k) im just looking to see which from them is the whitest blonde ....
out of all of them Hair planet is the least yellow and theres hardly any difference between the 60 and the 613, if you would like me to post a photo i can do for you to see but its hard to tell lol to be fair theres not much differnce between all of them so you may struggle.
Ive used hair planets hair and really like it for a budget hair
Can I just say Im having the same problem! white blonde extensions needed, I use lush us as I trained with them however no where seems to stock anything white blonde. Have you done your fitting?
Look at babe hair..I have had really good luck with their hair. They have a #60 that is really really light but it is a warm in color...could be toned to a cool color very easily though...hope this helped
fit a colour 60 then tell client to silver shampoo 2 days after fitting - always find this matches prefectly x
Well I managed to find some really light extensions from a place called rapunzal. I've not used them before so dropped the price for the girl (is a friend anyway) so will see how they go. Got her some silver shampoo too to keep them bright. They were really light so pretty chuffed with the colour anyway!
Thanks for all the replies everyone.

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