I now again in phuket and very happy sit look geek


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawsdee ka

I have been to home petchabun isee family and many friend and i in Bangkok see some peple for make nail and nail art and airbrush design on hair and now am phuket and have many question but will speak later i come back vip bus have 12 hour from Bangkok now i wash hair make manicure pedicure and later look every thing in geek and ask some question ..

Have beautifull sunshine about 33 or 35 and everything good in Thailand and my shop busy and my sister and jut and pan and the monkey happy i come back .

Kop khun ka mui ka
welcome home sweet heart ;) we missed our MUI!!! 8) x
hi mui

Welcome Home look forward to your posts missed you on the board :sunny: :D
Sawasdee ka

If i tell you the time i have you not beleive when i away i have enjoy but i have telephone my sister ple and two staff jut and pan on motor bike all three and have no helmet and have Thai man ride motor bike hit them and accident my sister ple she 1 night hospital and jut she have many scar on arm and pan big face i tell them not open shop but them open and then busy and jut she fall ground and hospital but them all good now just scar .

Then i go Bangkok and have big problem with man fda i bring product Thailand and him very angry then after i have product i go bus station and sit 5 hour wait bus them say no pduct in bus because maybe bus go boom i go on bus i not speak lady yap yap too much .

But before accident i have enjoy too much go waterfall with friend and have many enjoy and with family and friend .

I go see nail shop in Bangkok and them speak nice i show photo nails i take from cd i take from internet them like nail too much them not see england and america and hawai nail before only Thailand and japan .

I have many thing ask but i no have time i have friend come take some product them await me .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Welcome back Mui we missed u ;)
Take care
Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxx
Welcome Back Mui :)
Welcome back Mui,
We have missed you...........
hope your sister is better now...........
So happy that you had a nice time xxxxxxx
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