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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawsdee ka

I see now every day have new lady make member geek and now have 1200 more i think for sure soon have 2000 more and can have many new friend .

3 day ago i go look many hour ladys web site geek have maybe 200 web site and i look every body and lady make very beautifull web site in melle web site maybe i have two hour for look every thing she have many many nail art .

Next year when england not cold i want some body let me go sit there shop for look every thing for 1 or 2 day if i can you can pm me ka i can come when have sun shine maybe i have sick if i am cold .

Kop khun ka mui ka
... you are so lovley - I am sure you are going to be inundated with offers for you to sit and watch in-salon... If I had a salon I would offer myself :rolleyes: We will also make sure you don't get a 'cold' or sick!!! ;) 8) whilst you are here!!! We would have to all make an effort to MEET MUI!!! :thumbsup:
i for one would love to meet mui when she comes over

it would be so great if you could come when one of the shows are on so we can all meet you mui :D :D
She is a little delight isn't she? Crazy's idea is a super one.

She is finding it so hard to get it all together in Thailand ... I want to send her a CARE package full of goodies for nail art and a R+ try me kit etc.
Maybe if a bunch of us donated some nail art stuff and sent it to Mrs Geek at Designer Nails, she could get it all packed up and sent out to her and DN would pay the cost of the shipping?? What a great christmas present (except she of course doesn't celebrate Xmas does she being a Buddist!!)

Mui is also poorly at the moment with an infection and a bit under the weather and is going home for some R&R with her family and to see her little baby geek, Spicey for 2 weeks so she probably won't see this post.
What do y'all think?
hi mui wouldnt that be lovely can i come and sit with you too :D just to sit and watch the real professionals what a learning experience !! you know my dad has the same problems with the cold he has had lots of heart bypasses and also has astma so gets a lot of chest infections at this time of year which normally put him in hospital for the best part of winter but for the last 4 years he has been staying with family freinds out in Phuket (i think i spelt it right :oops: ) so that he can stay well and returns back when the weather starts to improve whilst he is there he always does alot of traveling he says it is a very beautiful place i hope some day i will be able to afford to go with him.
what a lovely idear geeg count me in maybe a list of bits is in order so mui doesnt get to many solar oils!! :D not that you can ever have enough!!
Ok count me in......A list would be great...but hey you can never have to much solar oil lol.................
Mui at one of our trade shows.............. That would be brill.........
Look forward to that..............

love Ruth xxx
Sawasdee ka

Please i have many thing my shop already i not want make problem i have pass port i make this year in Bangkok and because i have shop i can go holiday and i come England for sure for 7 day and i see every body show better and good idea.

Kop khun mak mak na ka mui ka
It would be my pleasure to add something to the care package

Just let us know when to send geeg and it will be in the post ;)

Mui it is not a problem you are such a great person and so willing to learn and to meet you would be the icing on the cake :D
Count me in would be a pleasure to add something to Mui's package.
And Mui you would be welcome to stay with me anytime would great maybe we could play nails and aslo swap cooking skills :D we could get all the Geeketts together and have a party.
Take care Dawnie xxx
glenda said:

sorry but what does this mean :oops: :oops: am I missing something :?:
Oooh a Party!!!!!!!

I would like to put something in as well! What has been put in so far and what is left?
sorry dont know what happened there i typed loads its spooky...... what i said was i would love to put something in the parcel for mui and would be able to on monday when i come for Di s xmas nails really looking forward to that. oh and i also said it would be lovly to see miu
can we have a list i would definately love to put something in the parcel for mui... and i would love to meet you all... i feel a little (ok a big bit ) left out when you all talk about meeting at shoes and things........
i just get scaredy cat at travelling (would have gone back to scratch and done the 4 day foundation - if i could pluck up the courage to travel to aspley guise 4 days on the trot)

ooops i typoed shoes instead of shows.... musnt let hubby see that he already calls me imelda!!! lol....
sorry back on to the post..... i would love to meet you all and mui.....
me too
mui makes me laugh till my sides split :D
i was so surprised when i found out that she is only 21 :shock:
between us we should b able to collect quite a parcel, is any one co-ordinating this?
liza xx
I have been designated to help which I am more than happy to do :!: If you do send me a personal goody for Mui - you need to mark the package c/o Mrs Geek and then I know for sure it is for Mui. I will of course add something from the CND team and Geeg!!
If you come to HQ for whatever reason - call into my office and say hi!!!! 2nd floor beyond the Training Room!!
The address is Designer Nails, 6 Clayton Wood Road, West Park Ring Road, Leeds - LS16 6QZ - if we do this, let's have everything to me by 9/12/03 - I will be in Chicago from 29th - 6th Dec so can only do it after that although I can have Dannii get everything together!!
Hope that's OK with everyone :thumbsup:

Mui PLEASE FORWARD YOUR HOME ADDRESS!!! :sunny: Kop khun mak mak na ka Mrs Geek ka! ;)
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