I have very very good news and i am so happy


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

Today i take lease on new shop in Thailand in very beautifull location have views of mountains and them building 5 star hotels now near shop amd some bungalow and this shop 2 mins on motor bike from my other shop .

The rent is 900 pounds for 1 year and i have to pay 15 pounds for 1 year licence electric is 3 pounds 1 month and water 1.50 1 month i can for sure .

I have name shop nail creative and it will be a shop for sell nail product and it will be the first 1 in Thailand that only sell nail product in Thailand nails new but people learn every day and new shops open in bkk .

At the back of the shop have place for sleep so i will sleep this shop work in my other shop for high season and make money for buy stock for this new shop and open maybe 3 or 4 month more .

I am so very very lucky that i have a future in everything in nail in Thailand and if i not find this geek web site and have geeg and rhonda and ruth and many other lady help me with how to do every thing with nail and buisness i can not do what i am now for sure because i learn from you every day .

I do not know how good every thing will be future but i want in 2008 have a school for nail that is the best in Thailand and every body want and speak good about my school same creative .

Maybe you will in 2008 speak i know mui from Thailand when she come learn with all and she only young .

I am so happy maybe i have mau tonight ....mau very much whiskey ka

I am very very very very very happy i feel lucky my new shop .

Kop khun ka friend mui ka
I am so pleased for you Mui!! :fire: That is really good news!

It sounds like you've got it all planned out and I'm sure you will have great success. Well done on realising your ambitions. I can feel your enthusiasm and its wonderful.!! :D

It sounds like you've got the perfect working situation. Not only will you have lots of business coming in thanks to the 5 star hotels but you've got fantastic views!!

I'm sure we all wish that we were in your shoes. I know I certainly do!!

Enjoy your whisky and lots of success.

xx lots of admiration.

Tamm (mani)
Well done Mui, I wish your new business ever success.
I am so pleased for you, it sounds like a dream come true. Maybe I will go to Thailand one day and see how well you have done for yourself (well u are doing well already! D )

Many more blessings and success in your new venture, I wish you luck.

mui ,that is fantastic,i bet you are so exited i am sure it will be a roaring sucess ,take care love dee

How exciting!! :D
Wow Mui what super news :flower: :flower:
You must be so excited, you deserve this for all your time and willingness
to learn and listen. :D :D :D
i am thrilled for you - a huge and greatly deserved WELL DONE!
Congratulations Mui - hope everything is a success I am sure it will be as you are obviously a truly dedicated nail tech! :eyesore:

Hi Mui ... Sawasdee ka ... my little Thai friend!

Samantha (Mrs Geek) and I are sitting here together reading the posts and are now drinking much wine and toasting your success. You are a bundle of energy and enthusiasm and a true entrepreneur... You will go far, and we are here to help whenever you need it!

So here's to you in the Land of Smiles!! We salute you! :salute:

The :!: :queen: of Nails in Thailand. Can't wait to meet you next year.

Kop khun ka.

Be happy, be healthy, smile and the world will smile back at you !!!!
MUI WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
i wish you all the luck & love in the world.
you will do well because, as someone has already said, your willingness to listen & learn has been v.obvious to all of us.
i was your age when i opened my 1st salon, that was nearly 17 years ago!! :shock:
go for it, we are all behind you! :fire:
lots of love liza xxxxxxx
What wonderful news Mui!
I am so pleased for you! You deserve to have the very very best of luck because you are so determined in your chosen passion!

Congratulations! :goal:
I am so happy for you Mui - YOU GO GIRL!!! Show them what you can do in the Land of Smiles - Mui Rocks Thailand :salute: :salute:

All my love and best wishes to you :thumbsup: :goal:
Sawasdee ka and Congratulations Mui thumbsup

Life is what you make it and i'm sure yours will be happy and successful, you deserve it, and as you can see we are all behind you!

Hope you enjoyed the whisky trashed

with love
Sue xx
Hi Mui,
Well done, huge congratulations to you, I wish you every success and hope all your dreams come true.

Grace x
Sawasdee ka

Kop khun mak mak na ka for every body speak very nice and today i have sign every thing and have more lucky because the shop cost rent 5000 baht 1 month but i only have to pay 2000 baht because no have water and maybe take some month for them to have and i not want open now so good for me have for cheap.

Tomorrrow i go paint this shop because a little bit dirty and after i paint new maybe try send photo to layla put geek show you my 2 shop 1 in royal paradise and 1 new shop road have no name but later.

Kop khun mak mak na ka friend mui ka
Congrats on the new shop, Mui
Cant wait to hear all about your progress with your new venture ....good luck :thumbsup:
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