I passed!!!


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May 13, 2004
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Montrose, Scotland
Well, i did it!

And i can honestly say, although i have nothing to compare it to, my training with NSI was great. The trainer, Toni, was fantastic, she really knows her stuff!

So have done about twenty sets so far on friends and family, no experiences of lifting etc!? (touch wood). Have my first paying client booked for next Tuesday. Wish me luck!
Congratulations on passing and I hope you enjoy nails as much as I do.

Where did you go for your training?
Congratulations thats great news,

Is it Toni from Glasgow? If so she is fantastic and always giving great advise whenever i'm through there.

Sharon x
Thanks guys, im really chuffed! Can't wait to get out there. Just waitin for a few essentials to arrive, then I ready to go.

I did my training in Hillington, Glasgow. Its the nearest centre to me, although its about 125 miles away, 5 hours driving every Monday but well worth it.

And yes Sharon, sounds like the same Toni. She's fab eh! Can't wait to take the next course.
Well done & many congrats!! It's always good & motivating to hear of another geek doing well.
hi and well done , hope you do very well in the land of nails , love dee

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