i put photo me and japan and tawain nail and nail art


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

2days b4 i put on nail mates 3 photos of my shop and i put in an nother 65 photos of nail tech and nail art japan and taiwan and i want b4 to send photo my shop to geek site but i try for 2 days and i can not find i know is easy but i can not i look long time .

I put 10 page of xmas nail art because i know lady farang like xmas nail art too much .

no problem if you have time can look and after when you see me at show you know me for say hello .

Kop khun ka mui ka

Cant wait to see your photos when will you put them on?
sawasdee ka

I have on nail mates but i not know how to make to geeek from nail mate but i know can but i can not see how i can do .

But i only send when i can photo with shop because on nail mate many but you can go look in there if you want up to you have some very beautifull nail and nail art and i think you like some for sure .

kop khun ka mui ka .

Mui, those Japaneses nails are definately the best I have ever seen :shock:
Thank you for sharing them with us all :D
Peeps, if you havent checked them out on the Nailmates site yet, you have to ....they are stunning!!!!!
Wow Mui,
The photos are fantastic :D What brillant nails, They are stunning :D
Also it is a lovley salon you have, 8)
Its nice to also see what you look like :D
Thank You

They are just brilliant, seen a lot of nail art but they are just out of this world.
:thumbsup: Best of luck with the new salon, hope all goes well for you.
When I was in Bangkok had your address with me, but got lost and never made it to your salon. :( Was so disappointed but there is always next year. :sunny:

Take care.
sawasdee ka mui!

Have just taken a look at the pictures of yourself, where you work and all the nail art and I must say they are absolutely brilliant. They are certainly going to keep us all full of ideas. Its very kind of you do do that. It must have taken ages for you to sort that out. We really appreciate the effort

Now we know what you look like!! :D so next time we chat I can see in my mind what you look like!!

All the best mui.

xx Tamm (mani)
How can i see these nails is nail mate a website!

Nailmates is a website

Mui`s pics on there

I hope I haven`t trodden on anyones toes here, I wanted her pic to be where it deserved to be
Sawasdee ka

The nails have been made and nail art in japan and taiwan not Thailand but in maybe 2 week more i can put many nail art from Thailand .

I give the nail and nail art from japan and taiwan for lady to see and look and maybe can have idea same us for make some new nail art for them shop because i know lady in england like to see some nail art .

i like look photo beautifull nail and when i put the japan and taiwan nail art on cd i think i put on nail mate .

After when we finish my shop i can put nail art Thailand for you look some thing not same japan but beautifull same .

Kop khun ka mui ka
mui they are fantastic, i wish i could be that creative , well done ,love dee
Thanks debs, Mui they are brilliant i love your ideas!

Sawsdee ka

I not sure you see photos because in album is 65 photos and all photos by nail tech from japan and nail art is from nail tech in japan and tawain .

I hope you see all the photos because there is many beautifull nail ak ..

Japan have many number 1 nail tech and i like look there work because in my salon we have many idea from japan nail tech for use rhinestone and nail art .

Kop khun k maui ka
What a brill album Mui.............. fantastic stuff being created in the far east................ There are some fantastic Nail Artists out there in the big wide world...................Thank you for sharing these pictures with us........
But my favorite is the one here..........
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