I want to stick gems on tshirts? How to??


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Mar 15, 2008
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I wanted to get some plain tshirts and stick gems on them with my business name ... I have looked for loads of compaines to do this and cant seem to find anywhere so want to try it myself.#

Does anyone know which rhinestones/gems i would need to buy - and what i can use to stick them on a tshirt (without them all coming off in the wash)!!

Thanks x

You need Swarovski Hot Fix. these are genuine Swarovski Crystals which are flat on the back with a little bit of glue already applied. You place the crystals on the t.shirt then heat using an iron or a special hot fix tool (depends on what sort of area you want to cover). Done correctly, you can wash item as normal.

I used to design and make wedding stationery so used these a lot. I Went through a phase of "blinging" everything. (mobile phone, jeans, jewellery etc). The kids were scared to sit still for more than 2 minutes in case I did them! LOL

You can buy the crystals loose in packs and create your own design or you can buy the letters too. I always used this site for my supplies.
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Thanks for replying so quickly - I will have a look on the site now xx
That's seems like a really cool idea, could you post some pictures when your done?
Hot Fix stones as mentioned above or you can buy a fabric glue called Gem-Tac which is excellent. I've used this to stick rhinestones on to denim etc.