I want to try CND Effects with my Shellac- Which is best to start with?


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Mar 10, 2009
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Hi Guys

Although I am slowly moving all my nail products over to CND, but I still haven't got any of their nail polishes.

I would like to use the effects to gives clients further options of colours whilst we await the much anticapted next 12 colours :) but am not sure what to start with.

Should I get shimmers or sparkles or a couple of both. Sadly can't afford to go with the whole lot at the mo, so just a few would be good??

H x
I would say get shimmers and sparkles, especially with Christmas coming - there is a new set of sparkles - Silver and Gold which are great. Look through the colours and pick a range of colours.

To be honest I have them all - The Effects - and I cant think of any that I would do without, they all give the client the wow factor when you put them on.
Last xmas there was a set of 6 polishes, 3 effects and 3 colour's. These have been so popular, I have slower added a colour or effect at a time.

raspberry parfait
dark ruby,
lavendar pearl
crimson sparkle
copper shimmer

It gave me 12 colour's. Crimson sparkle is so popular I add it to most other colour's for client's. They are great polishes.
Please don't shoot me down for this, but do you think I could use the CND effects on my orly polishes till I get the range in??

I have the complete shellac range so will def use them on these but just wondered in case a client asked for it.

H x

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