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sharon h

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Oct 3, 2007
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hi all I did my sisters nails last week, she had a lovely set of french tipped gels (french manicure). i spoke to her today and she said that they had all come off. I was trained with dreams (essential nails products) and tried ibd i did the step by step on the disc and from the instructional book.
sanitize etc
fit tips, file, clean
also put on ultra seal and as I was working wiping the side walls to stop product liflting but they still came off. can anyone help me as this is the second time i have done this. is my sister and friend having the nail tips to long could that take them off or am i just not putting enough on.
I am bonding x1 then curing ( wiping of excess if 2 wet)
building x2 then curing ( not curing in between states not to)
builder fine polish coat curing
ultra seal x1 then curing
please help as i am feeling so low at not getting this right and I dont know where I have gone wrong. :cry:
I used to use IBD,and had loads of probs with it.Liffting with in 2 days.I found you realy dehydrate the nail plate.I do cure between layers though.I use NSI no & had no probs up to yet.(touch wood) Keep at it.All the best.

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