Im Concerned By Zero Training


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Peter Pan

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Feb 29, 2004
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Hartlepool UK
im quite concerned!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: i went to a client today and while i was there, her friend arrived. the friend told me that she had just got a job as a receptionist (on sunday only) at a local salon. (this salon has already been closed down once i might add). anyway, she proceeded to tell all and disclosed that the girl that owns the salon wants her to WATCH her do nails, then get this receptionist, who has NEVER DONE NAILS IN HER LIFE to prep the nails (this salon doesnt prep nails at all according to my clients friend) and blend tips in. my question is............ is there anything i could do to stop this??? surely to god this cant be allowed.. i think this sort of practice is entering the SUB-STANDARD CATAGORY.

your views would be appreciated!!!
Sounds like they dont care much about clients saftey then...................
Well they might just get shut down again sooner then we think............
This receptionist will not be covered by the salon insurance, as she is not a qualified Technician or working student...................As far as UK Regulations go, insurance is invalid or void if it is not followed to rules and regulations.......
thanks ruthy babe - do you think i should report her then and what can i expect from the outcome
Peter Pan said:
thanks ruthy babe - do you think i should report her then and what can i expect from the outcome
I wouldn't personaly bother this could be seen as a sign of bad mouthing.........let the public be her judge...............they are not stupid and soon will see the difference between a good standard Technician and a seen one, done one Technician............
Preping the nail isn't rocket science nor is blending a tip, but has to be done with due care and attention to the nail plate...........and is a treatment and therefor she will not be covered should anything go wrong........

I would tell your clients friend, to refuse because she will not be insured and it is unethical working practice...........leave the ball in their court so to speak........
Maybe this girl should clarify , where she stands if something should go wrong....
Who wants to be passed around like a parcel anyway.......I`m sure the clients will feel more comfortable with one professional technician rather than feel the technician doing they`re nails hasn`t really got time for them so is letting the receptionist start the treatment for her.
I wouldn`t report it, like Ruth says, let the public see for themselves how bad they`ll be treated
Sounds to me like they just want 2 try n pack them in the door to make more mony by gettin the receptionist to do the preppin but like ruth says no certificate no insurance not covered if anythin goes wrong
hi guys
thanks for the replies... as you have suggested i will let them get on with it.after all its their salon and reputation on the line..........not mine

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