im head is blagged!! any help ??


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Jun 26, 2007
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I think firstly you need to believe in yourself, you have qualified therefore you are good enough to do treatments. I had little or sometimes no self belief and even had a client yesterday questioning was I any good. My answer is I always have clients whereever I go, am always busy with work so the answer is yes. You get people like this - trying to put you down to build themselves up. Ignore the synics.

Secondly don't put too much pressure on yourself, things take time as I know having been mobile for 6 years and having to build up businesses in 5 places (hubby in army).

You need to get out and promote yourself by leaflets and other advertising - get yourself known and the work will come in.

Check out your competitors and see how much they are charging, don't put your prices too low or high but keep them competitive.

Hope this helps and welcome to the site! xxx
Hi & welcome to the terrific site - you will find it soo useful and constantly be logging on to see whats going on, whats new and to seek reassurance!

I qualified in Beauty therapy in 2000 so 7 years ago, but have only been doing nails since March 06. I have never really worked in a salon, well a short spell last year but decided that I didnt really like working for someone else, so I now rent a room and I LOVE IT!!

You will question your ability as a good therapist for a long long time and its only with experience that you will feel comfortable. The thing that I dont like is, when you rent a room or whatever the client walks out and you dont get any feedback or compliments. Until of course the client returns and that shows you that they were happy with the treatment!

Take your time with each client and give 100%, I am sure you will be fine.
Have some opening offers, really go to town on advertising and stick with it!

Good Luck
Hi Natalie
First I would like to say good luck with your new business.

Always try to have confidence in yourself and your ability. You have after all done the training and passed. This confidence will also sensed by you clients, and will relax them.

If you are not planning on borrowing any money you do not need an official business plan. However i would recommend you coming up with one to help guide and focus yourself. You should also come up with a list of things you want for your business. This will help you to decide what is really important, after all you would kick yourself if you have beautiful stationary but forgot to get client assessment forms.

You need to decide if you are going to be a sole trader (self employed) or a limited company. There are still some PAYE and NI benefits of being a limited company but you have to be making a good profit to off set the high accountant fees.

You can have a look to see if there are any funding options out there for you. If you are under 30 there may be. Another place to go for advice is Business Link, which is a government site offering help and advice Business support, information and advice | Business Link

Also look what support the companies you are going to buy off can offer you. Can they help with advertising, do they let you use their images etc.

Tinkywinky is spot on when she says to check out what the competition are up to. It might even be an idea to go to one of the other salons in your area to see what they are like. This will also give you an idea on how you compare to them.

And as Tinkywinky said promote yourself, do the leg work and talk with people about what you can offer.

It is all a lot to think of, but it is really worth it. Good Luck

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:)thanks for all the advice. didnt expect anyone to reply! :)
i have a business meeting with a guy from business link on wed, he thinks i will be entitled to funding or some sort ! THANK GOD or i couldnt do it!:smack:
wanted to devise a business plan for my own record cant believe how much info there is involved tho!
i cant wait to advertise! i'll be walking roung town centre handing out leaflets, door to door drop, t.shirt printing, placing business cards eveywhere! & already designed them with special offers & deals.
im really excited & detirmined to do this!
Have yet to go & check out the competition but im aware that i need to, just feel checky asking for a price list & what products they use (wil they suss me out?):Grope:
i just seem to be getting no where fast on finding products to use & stuff, googling it gives me thousand of pages to look at!
any idea ?
I have family that live in Halifax, are you mobile (presume so) so will keep you in mind. Anyway, ask for price lists, ask what they use - my clients ask me and I don't mind them asking. A lot of clients are clued up on products and skin care ranges!!
Where is the original post???? I cant see it????
How odd. I tried to quote it but it didn't show up, but I can see the original.
original post
im head is blagged!! any help ??
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Hello everyone,
im really new to this site but cant stop reading all the forums!! they so intresting so thanks for all the info already!
Bit of background firstly to introduce myself.
I qualified as a beauty therapist in nov, nail technician in dec & have been practising & doing treatments since then! i love meeting new people and have reciently decided to rent a room & go self employed, but quite scared.
Getting advice on funding & started attemping my business plan but am finding it really hard. I have worked at the inland revenue previously so have some knowledge of self employment & have basic book keeping skills so im quite confident aout that.
Had ideas on advertising, doing rough drafts for flyers, business cards etc. thinking about products i am wanting to use BUT
starting to question my abillity!! what if i am not good enough? will i manage staying in business? i have bad credit so will i b able to open a business account? (im not gonna try borrowing money from anywhere tho!)
is there any halp or assistance anyone can offer me, things i havent thought of or owt wil be very much appreciated, yo all sound like you know what you on about!!
thanks for your time & i hope to make new friends really soon!:rolleyes:

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It happened with another one yesterday too, I know there must be something there for all the replies but still cant see it.
Can you see my copy.
I was very puzzled by the first post .. as I couldn't see anything but the header.

I was thinking how helpful the following posts were when they didn't even know what the originator wanted lol!!

All is clear now ;)

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