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Sep 30, 2009
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Hey all

Currently trying to design a client record/consultation card.

I no i could just get the ones from the people i trained with but i have to make my own one for my 10 case studies and im finding it hard as im not sure what it shud have on it! i have the one used by Lash FX infront of me (thats who im training with) and im not really sure if everything on it is actually nessesary!

It has things like natural eye shape, texture, eyelash shape and lash arrangement? are these nessescary??

It also asks clients questions like if there a lense wearer, if they have used extensions before allergies, eye problems in last 4 weeks operming and use of eye products (drops) but no mention on specific contraindications like, glycoma, stys, conjunctivitis etc!

Help!! what is actually needed on this??

thank you!
Oh no wish I could help , do you have to make your own one ? I would make sure to put the stuff they have on there own one as its gotta be right ... aint it ?? App flirties do good ones ?
yeh flirtys ones does look good although i cant see it proper on the website to get an idea! argh! lol

what treatment is it for?

If it's lash extensions, pm me and i'll forward my sheet to you.

It's like a caveman's loin cloth tho..........



Short, but covers all the necessaries! :lol:

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