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angel fingers

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Nov 5, 2003
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whats the most imaginative excuse you have ever heard for a missed appointment? i had a no show last week and she called me today appologised and explained that she was IN THE U.S.A BEING ORDAINED AS A MINISTER! anyhow she came to me this evening and it seems to be absolutely true, she even had me paint white crosses with rhinestone centres on her ring fingers ! it just got me wondering what sort of excuses you all have heard in your careers.
I must admit Angel......Id be happy to get an explanation!
Most of mine dont bother to let me know!!!!!
This is a thread Ill be watchin tho for others' experiences!!!! :?:
Ordained as a Minister eh????...... :rolleyes:
Bet you were a little dubious at first!? :)
I do find it interesting tho...listening....learning a bit about a client......
I had a lady today, originally from Iraq. and moved to England quite recently..... and whilst she found it really difficult to communicate...... I really did find out quite a bit about her!
I do love my work!!!
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