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Aug 9, 2005
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Please read this as I don't want anybody getting caught out.

When I did my Inland Revenue course on tuesday I was told about it incase I turned my mobile business into a home salon

If you work from home, your local council may charge Business Rates for the part of the property used for work, and you will have to pay Council Tax for the rest of the property (although your property’s valuation band may change). It will depend on the circumstances of each case and you should ask your local Valuation Office Agency office for advice.

I've put a link to this below for you - its worth finding out.
cheers for that link rach,

every council is different so its worth checking with them but when I approached my council the valuation guy came round as we were doing other work to our house as well. my council goes by the square footage of the room and the rent able value, so If you are working in a small room put a side for you name business (like me) you might not have to pay business rates, I will if I do decided to convert the garage area but won't do that until I can commit to more hours working xx its worth a phone call they aren't scary and are there to help you xx
My local council only charge Business Rates on the 'salon' if it is a part of the house 'specifically' for business. To clarify, if it's a bedroom than can simply revert back to a bedroom by putting a bed back in then it's not subject to Business Rates.

If however, it was a garage converted to a salon, thereby rendering it useless as a garage anymore, and it's used for business purposes then it's subject to Business Rates.

It's such a complex issue, and there doesn't appear to be a standard answer across all the councils in the country - it's so frustrating.
on the "UP" side, it should also make part of your home expenses a tax deduction ......
Correct Nailzoo, I pay business rates for my log cabin as it is set up exclusively as a salon, but I also am allowed to claim a percentage of my electricity, water and phone bills as expenses.:) I didnt have to pay business rates when I worked from my conservertory though as it was a roomin my house so I would def check with your local council as they all have different rules.:hug:

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