Inexperienced spray tanner!


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Jun 2, 2010
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Hi i have started doing mobile tanning as its easier for me to work round my kids rather than 9-5.
I am using Tantruth with a pro-75 gun. I seem to keep getting the same problem where the product is running over the client,so i need to rub them down with a tanning mit so it does not go streaky! :irked:
Any hints or tips on what im doing wrong?
I have turned my gun down so it cant be that.
Im doing my tans slightly cheaper at the minute to allow for mistakes but i really dont want to start getting a bad name for myself.
I done a few tans in the beginning on my friends who were my guinea pigs but at the end of the day the solution still costs me money,so would really like to know how to give the perfect spray tan :lol:
It has to be either you are spraying too wet still, try turning gun down even more (search couch roll test)

You are spraying too slow / too close

I assume you have been trained?
Possibly too much product going on or you're standing too close? I have my gun on a low setting and spray two light coats ensuring I don't miss anywhere hth x
you are standing too close methinks, try pulling your arm much further back. I know you have said you have turned your gun down, but turn it down some more.

you should see a huge improvement by doing these two things.

It can be so frustrating but I think the above advice is the best. Stand a bit further back, turn down even lower and not too fast on the strokes. Unfortunately practice will be the best thing. You will get there!
I to am a newbie!!
I had the same problem but turned my gun right down, until I could just about make out that it was spraying.
Spray a white piece of paper and you'll soon see the colour, two coats lightly is always better than one streaky!! you can go over them twice rather than have to start faffing with touching people, it kind of defeats the object of 'Spray Tanning'

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