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Jul 19, 2003
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A new client came in today wanting an infill/rebalance. She had her nails done at another salon and although i'd prefer not do fill in ovedr someone else's work, ahe refuses to remove the existing product. I don't have much experience with acrylic, as I normally work with gels, so I am wondering if there is any problem with using a different brand of acrylic over the exating product. I think her nails are done with Star nails products and I'm using nsi. She has what looks like an extreme white french manicure and pink powder, I use pink powder with a natural white fm. Any advice on how i should proceed?
You are fine to rebalance over the star product with the NSI product, there will be no problem other than she will have a slightly different look to the finished enhancement and also you will not guarantee your work because it is being done over anothers, and you don't know how thorough the other technician was in her prep etc.

Get your client to sign her agreement to the procedure, before you begin the service.
Thank you for the advice, i thought it was possible but i needed confirmation since it's the first time that i'll be dealing with this type of situation. I guess they won't be 100% since the colors probably won't match up but I'll do my best!!
I did this client's nails 2 weeks ago and they looked great when she left the salon. She was very pleased. However today she called saying that one nail that was replaced by me had "all come off" after 1 week and that barely 2 weeks later her nails are in a terrible state. Now she does seem convinced that it might be due to the acrylic being different (nsi over what i think is star nails) but i'm not sure. She admitted to being hard on her nails. But i am worried that it may have been a problem with the work i did since i don't have much experience doing l&p, i use mostly gel. Before i did any l&p in the salon i spent 2 months practising on 4 friends of mine and none of them had any lifting or cracking at all! Is it likely that i did something wrong? Or is it something that can happen when 2 brnads of acrylic are "mixed" like that? She's coming in a little while and i am planning to charge her to re-do the nails, since i did warn her that i could not guarantee my work in this case. I just need some reassurance here.... :?
Any acrylic will bond to any acrylic, you did not mix anything, you just applied new product over the old ... no problem. It is only in the esthetics that there may be a difference. Different brands are not a problem.

The problem comes when you mix the monomer of one system with the polymer from another. This you did not do. Don't let this client use this as an excuse ... it is not valid.
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