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May 1, 2003
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Hampstead, London
Could anyone give me some advice please. I've just done a set of infills on a friend who I did acrylic french tips on a couple of weeks ago. Because I had to file the nail down quite a bit to make it thinner to reapply the white I found it took me just as long :rolleyes: (and created a lot more dust of which I'm quite allergic to when exposed to too much! :( ) as when I do a full set with tips. Any hints on how to save time please? And also, should I bother redoing the white after the first infill of 2 weeks or maybe should I wait until the second infill where I'm doing more of a rebalance :?:
Please, please, can someone help me :( :?: :?:
OK sweetie, I'm here to help.
A french rebalance will take you more time and create more dust. that is why people charge more for doing the proceedure (more time more money)
I never redo the white at every appointment. Usually everyother or even every 3rd appointment. Clients usually wear a french manicure in between appointments.
As far as timing goes, it is more time consuming to have to reduce the white area and part of the stress area.
For you it is important to have a dust extaction system at the local where you are filing. Everyone should!!
Now don't all scream that you can't affor it. You can't afford not to. Dust isn't good to breathe.
I see salons all the time that have the most expensive flooring or the most expensive this or that, but they all say they can't afford a ventillated desk!! This should be a nail technicians first priority. Every manufacturer reccommends it and very few do it!
Thank you very much Geeg :D I'm a mobile technician though so is there anything you can recommend for me in place of an extraction system :?:
NSI sell a desktop filter which looks as though it would be easily portable. They state that it removes fumes and filing dust, and that the rotating front filter provides 8 times better filtration than a stationary one. It costs £82.40 plus VAT. This is not a recommendation since I don't own one! Just for information incase it helps.

Thanks - my funds won't reach to that for now though :( . I'd have to wait a while and suffer in silence for now :(
Have you considered getting a mask that covers your nose and mouth. This would stop you breathing it all in, although it wouldn't stop your Client from breathing it in. At least it would help you whilst you are saving up for extraction ventilation though. :)
Thanks Beautiful Nails but I have been using masks and still having problems. :( :( Still, I've just seen another idea in a brochure today of which I'll be placing an order - forgotten what the things are called :rolleyes: but they are some nose things which are placed in the nostrils with filters - it's a plastic casing thing all in one for both nostrils and apparently all dust will be absorbed by the filters. Sounds quite good to me as maybe then the only dust breathed could be through the mouth and that's not nearly as much as in the nose. :D Anyway, will be ordering them to see how I get on. Fingers crossed!
I don't know what else to suggest. :?

Except, you could always get that Blue Oxygen stuff installed that is advertised in Scratch! It's apparently the new up and coming thing for people to have oxygen facials and things. So you could sit and breath in your spouts of pure oxygen whilst doing nails. Then you would come out feeling quite fresh! :D

But it is just a silly idea of mine really because your clients would wonder what you were doing and why you had to wear an oxygen mask whilst doing their nails! :D
cute idea though!!! ;) :D
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