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Jul 14, 2010
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Hi all,

I am about to start doing mobile therapy again, but am unsure which insurance i should go for as i'll be mobile?

Any help would be apprciated as i am usless at these things!


Thanks Dally!
salon gold is good
The Guild can offer you £2 million of Public Product and Treatment liability cover for all the treatments you are qualified in. This will cover you to work at home, mobile or in a salon.

You can get more information or join online at Beauty Guild : Home - Beauty Guild or by calling 0845 2177 383. If you quote 'Geek' as a referral code when you join you will get a £10 discount.
I also use Professional Beauty!
I am with the guild I trained with dawn at Nouvatan and i got a discount because the course i did was guild accredited
I'm with salon gold, good company cover me for absolutely everything treatment wise, accidents and products and equipment depending on the cover you want.

Professional beauty offers a good choice as well!!
when we set up our training centres ect we asked our customers and did lots of research into who we should have our training accredited by, to be seen as serious contenders, and who the public recognise as the premier organisation to be linked to,
The Guild came out on top, they have a good history,and have an excellent reputation, were proud to be guild accredited trainers as its not an easy achievment,
We are insured through the Guild and always will be as it carries a Kudos some of the other organisations / or insurers dont have

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