Insurance while carrying out case studies


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Apr 24, 2006
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I assumed that if I trained for something new I would be insured for case studies under my beauty insurance. I just called to check and found out I am not! Does anyone know of an insurer who will do this? And can you charge your models? It's for eyelashes.
I presume that your present insurer will not add this on for a fee to do eyelashes? How odd that they don't. I lost my red vein certificate when I moved house and because I wanted to add it on to my service menu I had to retake it but I was insured through my electrolysis whilst doing case studies. I would ask again. Who are you with Louise? :hug:
This happened to me too, I rang around all the companies I knew of but none off them were prepared to cover me for my case studies (including my own insurance company).
As for charging your models I never and I am glad I never as when ready to offer this service I just hit the ground running and charged accordingly. I have several friends who charged cheaper for practice sets and have ended up stuck charging cheaper than they would like in long term. So my advice would be to do your case studies on your nearest an dearest and don't charge and then start charging what you intend to charge. It worked for me anyway! Best of luck.
Try Babtac the person that i spoke to said they would cover for students to do case studies - maybe point you in the right direction

Thanks for info guys I'm with The Guild, just changed this year and assumed I would be ok as I was sure I was with BABTAC! I asked to add it on for my case studies but they said until I'm qualified I can't!

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