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Dinky Geek
Oct 24, 2003
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Can someone tell me if to have insurance to cover you for performing a treatment ie gel nails.

Do you have to have a certificate to say you have trained with the product you are using
a certificate to say you have trained with any gel
indeed no certificate?

Does anyone know or should i phone my insurance company?...

Just wondering if they all have the same policys?
This is a very debatable point! I phoned my insurance company (Professional Beauty) and they said that I would need a certificate in gel separate to my Foundation in Enhancements certificate that I received after doing the FDFC with Creative.

They said that because the foundation course was done using acrylics then I've not been trained in gel, therefore I would not be covered.

I would love any others of you who have Professional Beauty insurance to ring them and see what they say to you.

So does this mean I wonder, that if you trained with one company in gel, that if you wanted to try another gel that you would have to get a certificate in that also... after all you're dealing with another product all be it the same system and insurance companies could turn round and say... well you didn't have training in that company's product therefore you're not qualified!

Does anyone know of insurance companies that do not say that you have to have relevant certificates for each system so long as you're qualified as a nail technician, i.e. FDFC which covers the important basics of being a nail tech and not just product related.
I phoned porfessional beauty a couple of days ago and asked them if i trained using gf21 gel and proformance acrylic with star nails would i still be covered with any other product the lady i spoke to said as long as it is still gel or acrylic i am using i am still covered, if i was you i would still phone them just for your own peace of mind.
Hi do you also know you have to get your clients to sign to say that they understand the treatment you are giving them . I think your insurance is invalid if they haven't signed.
Can anyone tell me if thats right because there is no space for that on the record cards or is there another form they have to sign?
Well i made a few phone calls on friday and was told by professional beauty direct that they will cover me over the phone whatever cover i want without proof of qualifications but also stated that if anyone ever made a claim against me that they would need to see proof that i had trained with the product in question....mmm...this made me think so i asked a friend that is a lawyer in london and he says that sometimes with insurance claims there can be loop holes!!!! now this has made me think again (and believe me that doesn't come easy to me!) anyway for example if some made a claim re acrylic that i applied to their nails for whatever reason and it went to court then surely i would be best to train with the company that sold the product to me and then as long as i used it in the way they say you should i would be FULLY covered.

I also spoke to ANT who told me that in order to get insurance cover i must first of all join ANT and then after proving my qualifications by sending photocopies of my certifictes etc then they would insure me for those services. Any additional services/treatments i wanted to offer, i must first prove that i have the suitable qualification in order to do it and be covered by insurance. They offer three different covers...students...qualified and NVQ technicians all priced at different levels.

I guess the point i really wanted to be answered is for eg if i am trained by creative in L&P but use say ezflow on a client, should anything go wrong and they make a claim againt me would i still be covered under my insurance as an L&P technician...does anyone understand where i am coming from with this?

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