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Jan 25, 2016
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Hi guys,

I'm looking to expand my business and want to train in intimate waxing.

However, I have no waxing/ beauty therapy qualification.

Please can someone let me know what's the fastest way to train for intimate waxing? Can I do a standard waxing course and intimate waxing in one go or do I need to have some experience beforehand?

Thanks, Paige x
Hi Paige. I would really advise looking into Kim Lawless training. I'm sure she does a one day wax training course and then following on from this you can do female/male intimate.

I did the intimate course and I was really impressed and it's given me a lot of confidence xx
You can also do a Waxperts beginners and below the belt course with Sweetsquared who have waxperts educators all around the country. It's held over 3 days the first 2 are consecutive then the below the belt day is around 5-6 weeks after day 2 so that you are comfortable using the products before working on the intimate waxing. The cost of the course also includes a full kit which is amazing and includes your marketing products, retail, wax pot, strip wax and strips, hot wax your disposables and also aftercare and record cards. Check out SweetSquared for more details and info on dates and cost.
Jen x
Kim Lawless is The Wax Queen. I would thoroughly recommend training with her. x

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