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Aug 24, 2010
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So I finally did my intimate waxing training at the beginning of the week. It went fairly well there were only two of us on the course, myself and my friend which was good but I'm still quite nervous about doing it myself on someone without having someone there. Particularly that I may end up hurting my client, having now experienced a Hollywood myself and knowing how much it does hurt, I wouldn't want to do anything wrong and cause more pain/discomfort!!

The wax we used for Salon Systems but I used Perron Rigot Euroblonde, we weren't told to apply any talc or oil, will the Perron Rigot oil make it less painful for the client? Or for myself, if I ever brave to do it again!! lol xx
All the new generation non strip waxes work so much better with a little oil underneath especially for the intimate waxing treatments it makes a huge difference in terms of client comfort. Perron have their own pre waxing oil which is also great used after the waxing mixed with a little refreshing gel or a post wax moisturiser.

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