Introducing Galvanic/High Frequency to Eve Taylor Facials


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May 27, 2008
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I have a high frequency/galvanic machine that is still in its box and i've never had a chance to use it. I bought it from my college lecturer and have only used the college machines

I work with Eve Taylor products. I had a look through their website and found desincrustation gel. From what i remember from college I'm sure we used a couple of gels and maybe even a gauze for High Frequency

I'm definatley going to have to get my notes out and swot up on this again but just thought i'd see if fellow geeks use this and how you do your treatments?

Also, do you have this as an add on and what do you charge?
can anyone answer this, as i would like to know how well the electrical and microdermabrasion products work?as im looking to take on eve taylor as you all talk so highly of it.but would like to be able to offer more than just a hands on facial.also if you use there products what machines do you use with them?
I use ET but don't use the machines with them - why don't you give ET a buzz and ask them? I find them helpful and they will be able to give you correct advice on what products would be best
well, u use galvanic before extractions after exfoliation and for product penetration
hi freq after extractions to sanitize the skin...
Galvanic & Direct High Frequency Facial Procedure

. Remove all eye & lip make up
. Cleanse skin x2 under steam with desired Eve Taylor cleanser
. Perform desincrustation with desincrustation gel for 4-7 (-polarity)
. Perform extractions
. Apply soothing gel, cover eyes with cotton wool & cover face with with dry gauze & perform high frequency for 3-5 minutes
. Remove gel with steam towels
. Apply selected treatment oil
. Spritz with selected toner
. Apply serum if requried
. Apply selected moisturizer
. Complete with refining eye gel

hths xx
Hi there
Most of the facials that i carry out are micro-current or galvanic with high frequency and ultra-sonic massage, i work with Matis paris.
Unless you are using a galvanic unit with alternating polarity it vital to switch polarity from negative which breaks down skins resistance, emulsifying natural oils and salts in the skin which then act as a soap to soften debris and cleanse the pore. Positive polarity pushes the active ingredients in the conduction gel into the dermis but more importantly restores the skins protective acid mantle.
I have always carried out both steps before proceding to high frequency.
I dont carry out a facial massage when using electro-therapy as i feel that skin has been stimulated enough, i apply appropriate mask or serum and use ultra-sound massage to soothe skins tissue.
Results are very satisfying and my ladies never fail to tell me how clean they're skin feels.
HTH Jackie b
I'm not sure if you have got the Eve Taylor navigator, but I would suggest that you get it, it tells you all of the products which can be used with electical machines.

Also I did the ET 2 day training last year and they were taking about doing an advanced course in conjunction with Carlton for product use with machines, I'm pretty sure that they actually did the course.

You could either email Eve Taylor, or if you are on Facebook they have a page and is regularly looked at by Marie who is the Eve Taylor guru, try sending her a message, I find them to be really helpful,



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