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Feb 5, 2003
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Hi just wondering if any of you have ever used the moulds as shown
on , not quite sure what I make of them .
Isn't the picture in the top right hand corner of their home page the same picture as the one on the inside cover of the Creative Product catalogue???
All this is, Is sculpting on a full nail tip and then gluing it onto your nail :rolleyes: Whats the point in that :|
Well I just had a look and I am not that convinced.........
We have produced a new nail system which is easier to learn, quicker to use and is more PROFITABLE for the Nail Technician.
This nail system ELIMINATES hours of time consuming, GRINDING & BUFFING!

An because the INVERTED MOULDS™ are perfectly formed they create a more desirable shape for badly bitten or misshapen nails.

These extensions are bonded to the natural nail bed using a ‘primer’ liquid, instead of with adhesives that contain:
“CYANOACRYLATE” which are responsible for a large percentage of ALLERGIES related to nail extensions.
Ok call me stupid, but allergies .............. EC resin is on the bottom of the sensitiser list.......The least likey to cause allergies...................Flooding with monomer is the first one to sensitise clients surely!!!!!Well that was, the last time I checked out Dough Schoons book........... Whats all that grinding and buffing all about ???I huff and puff at times, but never grind and buff..............Buff yes , but hey I love buffing!!!!!The after pcitures show a ghost shadow and that I don't like, and what about problem nails??? Ski jump how is one going to enhance that, with this system ??? Like I said not convinced, I will stick with my old fashioned method of L&P.........But hey the world loves new discovery's and I will probably miss out on a fantastic system, but alas.....I will take my chances on that!!!!!!!!

And yes that picture is the same as the creative Brochure picture......... I have just checked xxx
Nailsinlondon1 said:
And yes that picture is the same as the creative Brochure picture......... I have just checked xxx[/size][/font]

Naughty, naughty, must be a copyright issue here somewhere - I had to jump through firey hoops to get permission to use CND logos etc. and quite rightly so!
Yeah.. legal will be all over that Monday morning ;)
This is not a new system.
This is out of the ark!!!
Heard about this years and years ago and it first originated in Canada if I remember correctly. These are no more than customised stick-ons.
It didn't take off in Canada with the professionals and it will be history in the UK too in no time I'm sure.
The cheek of them using other people's photos too!! :mad:

Oh ... I've just had a look!! FIRST they say it is a brand new system then they say it has been developed over the last TEN years. Even the girl in the photo looks like the girl who used to come on my stand and tell me about this system ten years ago (I told you it was years and years ago).

By the way ... Methyl cynoacrylate adhesive .... never in 15 years have I come across a person who was allergic to this substance. Hospitals use it regularly as do dentists ... come on puleeze!! I just hate this type of marketing where they try the scare tactics to score points and prey on the ignorance of others. We on this site know better don't we?
i see they are selling the kit as a home learn course on ebay now...along with different supplies needed to create these nails :rolleyes: ........they are selling all the acrylic powders and liquids in huge auction prices is all advertised at buy now prices.

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