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Sep 9, 2009
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North Wales
Hi all!

Hope everyone is well!

I just got an iPhone 3GS yesterday - this will be my business mobile, so won't really be for personal use. I have a landline at the salon, but it is on divert to my mobile if someone calls when I am not there.

I have never had an iPhone before, and am just enjoying playing around with it! I noticed some of you have iPhones, and just wondered how you use them in relation to your business? Obviously you can make calls lol, but are there any apps or anything that are useful?

Thanks guys!

Cerries x
There are no particular apps that I'd say I use. I use the calendar all the time and emails. I have 5 different emails set up on my phone. I hardly ever log into email on my laptop anymore.
Hi hun

So do you use your calendar for clients appointments? At the min I use a big black book, which I have to carry round everywhere with me, but am thinking of doing it all on the iPhone x
There's a good ap called Organiser. It's like a Filofax and syncs with Google calender.

Also, Maps (on there already) is great for finding your way and planning a route and time of journey
Another good calendar app is called pocket informant.
It also syncs with google, you can put in tasks to do, you can also tag calendar entries (eg nail appts, family events, birthdays etc) which means that the entries in each tag group come out in different colours.
im always using the iphone with my buisness!
Natwest = Banking
Facebook = advertising/bookings
Met Office = weather, eg will there be a lot of tans/pedicures this weekend coming? probably as weather gets better thursday onwards,
Camara plus = pics of clients nails, toes, tans etc
Direct Gov = any traffic problems where im going for meetings/mobile treatments

Laptop in my pocket and keeps me up to date with my clients, also have decorated it with liquid and powder to show nail art techniques :)

I could not live without my iphone! I dont usually bother about fancy or up-to-date phones but th i got it thinkin it would be good for th business and that was before i knew how much it cud do (had it for 6month and i am still learning)

I have work with google calender, i hav a wrk and a personal and sync them together so i can view them on thier own or together to see wat am doing for th day
Vnc viewer is another great app, i use it to conect to th wrk computer, i can do things on th computer from my iphone where-ever and when-ever i want as long as i hav an internet conection, also gud for checking up on staff if not in th salon.
I hav different websites saved to my home page (like making an app for it) which means i hav quicker access to th sites i use th whole time.
Th iphone is great for lots of others too like facebook, emails etc. I use it just as much for personal things as i do for wrk related things and it can sometimes be far quicker and easier than using a computer or laptop!

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