Is this normal soak off?


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Mar 13, 2006
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East of England
When I soak off I use the foil wraps and have always done it this way.

My mum had her overlays soaked off the other day at a salon and she had both her hands in bowls of acetone and the bowls of acetone were in bowls of hot water to warm the acetone. She said it took 30 mins to get them off plus some filing. Does anyone do this? I was taught its a big no no to do it this way due to fumes, overexposure etc

I was trained to do it either way but I find the bowl to take longer than the wraps and it takes a lot of acetone to soak. I still warm my acetone in a bowl of warm water before I apply the wraps which helps to speed the process up. Hope this helps!
It's a perfectly fine way of doing things, it's just as common these days but it once was the way to do things.

Every tech will soak off the way they prefer, if your mum wasn't too fond of this method then she should go elsewhere but before changing techs, maybe ask what removal method is used.

When soaking off a NNO, there should always be fling involved to remove bulk otherwise it's a huge time waster and product (acetone) waster.

The smell you smell from the product are vapors and there are many of them in our environment that we can't smell that are much more harmful, so the short time clients are exposed to the vapors from acetone is really nothing in the big scheme of things.

Tell your mum, it all sounds like it was done fine and all is good:)
Ah ok thanks. Ill stick to my foil method and let mum know her nail tech is fine using the other method! Maybe one day ill convert her to use my services :) she's a bit loyal to her old chums! ;)

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