It pinged right off!


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Well love,
pingers have a reason why they ping...............
As it took 2 weeks for it to ping off, I would have thought, she caught it somewhere....but then again............

The best way to tell is, look at the nail bed....................has it got signs of damage????....................or does it look smooth and normal...!!!!.......
If its got signs of damage then its either pullled off, or prised off....

If the nail bed looks nice and smooth and shows no sign of damge, look at the other nails any sign of lifting there???? If there is then it's due to inproper prep, or not patting the product firmly in to place or the ratio is wrong, maybe to wet, or to dry , less adhesion then,make sure all the cuticle crappy stuff is removed, scubfresh applied you can the also apply nailfresh and then scrubfresh again..then firmly pat your product in to place...
This helps if you have a client that has got real problems with lifting......
Sometimes you have to play detective to find out why pingers has pinged................

hope this helps
love Ruth xxxxxxx
Thanks Ruth. :thumbsup:

I now know how to tell if it pinged or lifted, my lovely clients won't be able to tell porkies anymore!!!lol!!! :D



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Sep 17, 2003
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Could any one give me some advice why a day before my clients 2 week infill a nail pinged off in one piece i thought this would mean that there was not a good bond to the nail in the first place but surely it would not take 2 weeks for it to happen?

Any ideas?
Cristine :)
Hi Liza

Im not using l&p yet but will be shortly hopefully so all the advice everyone has given will be useful.

Thanks everyone :thumbsup:
Cristine :)
hiya christine
ru using l & p ( i know we chatted, & i seem to remember you don't use it yet, but my memory isn't always to be relied on!)
if ur , then 1 possibility is that u hadn't noticed a "growing" centre pocket lift. this is an air bubble that sometimes occurs, usualy due to too wet a mix ratio.
if the little blighters r not noticed during a rebalance, than they get bigger, & the whole overlay can come off almost un-noticed :shock:
if you're not using l & p, then the point that ruth made is highly likely!

lol liza xx
What are you using then? ;)
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