It's been a while - looking for advice on a skincare range


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Nov 23, 2007
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Hi Girls,

I hope someone can give me a bit of guidance :rolleyes:. I am a fully qualified beauty therapist but gave it all upto become an air stewardess 8 years ago!! I have recently made the decision to return back to beauty in May, I will be opening a beauty room within a hair salon and need a bit of info on products.
I have no idea where to start with a new skin care range. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Sarah x
Hi Sarah

good luck with you new business venture!! I Returned to beauty after have a break too. I open my own small salon 7 mths ago. I spent three months visiting Beauty Shows & calling different suppliers who sent lots of samples and setup price deals. Finally when I made my choice I asked the skincare rep to visit me for a demo at the salon. My choice was based on them being a UK Manufacture & natural base products. Also I did check what other salons where using too.

Hope this helps

Devon Beauty.
this subject has already been discussed so take advantage of having a lot of ready comments to read by going into the search option above and typing in skin care range.

From memory the ones that get mentioned a lot are:

germaine de cappacinni
eve taylor
Circaroma organic skincare

It depends if you are happy to pay out for a minium order, which is in the region of £2-3k start up. G d C don't have a min order, and you can set up for a reasonable amount of money. Eve Taylor do a start-up pack which is reasonable too.
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If your not opening to May, then you have the perfect oportunity to have a look at professional beauty, excel, March 2nd till March 4th

becki xxx
also, check out some of the skincare geeks websites and see what ranges they use.
Hi There

I am also a fully qualified beauty therapist been working mobile for 5 yrs, and now have started working from home as I have more time on my hands that all my children are at full time school.

I was like you once I decided to work from home, you need to do like other people have suggested, i went for the EVE TAYLOR range in the end as most of the other company,s had very large start up costs, as with Eve Taylor there was no minimum range just buy what you want and need as you want it. smells lovely, great to work with clients love it and my skin does too lol.
I would recommend Susan Monylex too but they have a really high start up cost.

Hope any of this helps and good luck in your new adventure
I use Germaine De Capuccini skin care range and absolutely love it. I use their makeup range now too and am really impressed! The feedback I've had from clients is excellent. If you get in touch with them them will send you some samples to try on yourself! They are really friendly and helpful. Your opening order will include 2 days free training. You can go back for more training any time.
Good luck with your beauty room!

Luv Mrs Bean xxxxxxxx
do you have a budget as this will determine which brands you go for
With skincare, I think it all depends on whether you want to retail or if it's just for salon use. There are a lot of great ranges out there but the start up can sometimes be a bit

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