I've missed you all.


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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
Hi everyone, and thanks for all those who sent me messages whilst I have been off the board.

I have been working very hard recently and have resisted the temptation to log onto the site for fear that I may just enjoy myself too much and not concentrate on the things I need to do. Can't restrain myself anymore so I am back now.

Big news is that we are moving to the USA after christmas. This is for 3 years and I am extremely excited. Clients are not happy, but I have a fantastic apprentice who I am confident will take them all on.
Thats great news ella hope u like it in the us i'm sure u will lucky u
Hi Ella good to c u back - Nose parker here but where about are you going in the states?
happy to tell!

4 months in SanDiego, California, then 32 months at Petuxent River Maryland. Will probably spend a lot of time driving up and down to Florida though as my dad is there.
Sounds lovely bet your Dads really excited..
Hey Ella

So good to see you back hun, seems absolutely ages since ive seen you (lost your email addy too !!)

Glad you are all ok and fantastic and exciting news about moving to America
Welcome back you have been missed.

Ella - I am so thrilled just to HEAR from you.... HOW MANY times have I posted 'where's Ella'... what wonderful news... you must be so excited; I am excited for you - actually as you know - have been vacationing in Fla all my life and am about to return with my big strapping 11 yr old - ohh to see Siesta Key Beach - I will cry when I show him but I am so excited to - I just have always loved it so much my self!! Please keep in touch with us... so pleased you are happy and something new and exciting has come up for you xxxx
What a fantastic opportunity and great to see you back on board. Flo is great and my No.1 holiday destination although I am a bit of a tart and going to Vancouver at the end of this month so that will be my next No.1! I do love travelling and find that work gets in the way so much!
Good luck
wow you lucky thing...only been to florida once but I fell in love with the place ..AWESOME lol :) :cool: I WILL be back!!! :biggrin:
Hi ella

happy to see your ok! I dont blame you florida is lovely going myself in 2005!
Take care

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