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Aug 30, 2015
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Northern Ireland
Today I went for an interview that I was actually looking really forward to because I thought it would be the perfect place to work - practically across the road from me!

So anyway, I go in and nobody tells me what to do apart from 'sit at the nail bar and wait for the client' so while waiting on the client to come I notice that all the nail tools don't look that clean! It was a whole new gel system to me and i had never used this type of lamp before and I couldn't get anyone to explain it to me because they weren't listening! The client decided on a length and shape and when I was almost done she decided she wanted them shorter and round instead. Even though she was complaining and making phone calls about needing to be somewhere!!

So when that was all finished I went on to the waxing, I like waxing but the wax they were using was awful! They weren't professional brands and it was difficult to work with because again - no one explained anything to me! At the end when I was cleaning up some wax spillages on the floor (some of what was already there) one of the girls came in WITH A NAIL FILE and said to use that and started showing me how to scrape the wax off the floor with it, I was literally dying inside! And no I most certainly did not use the file, she had then put it back on the nail bar!

I thought having an interview I would have had some guidance from the manager and that they would have explained some of the systems to me. Instead she was getting her nails done and sitting at a table watching videos and bitching with all the other girls.

She then said she thinks I would fit in and they'll have a chat tonight and give me a call tomorrow. To be honest I don't know if it's a place I would like to work in!!
Run a mile. Sounds like a dirty, bitchy hovel!
I actually feel sick after being there, definitely don't see myself going back in a hurry!
Ohhhh dear I agree, run a mile! If that's your impression after one day imagine what you'll see in a week, haha! It might be convenient because it's close but I'd look at other salons nearby instead that are in line with your hygiene standards. Good luck with the job hunting! x

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