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hi there, i passed my VTCT end of march/begining of april. Since then i have only done 3 sets. I decided that i would rather work in a salon for now. Im not a total newbie but i have had a 5 year gap, i used to be self employed before.

I have an interview in the morning for Nails Inc. Problem is now im really scared, im doubting that i have any chance of getting it because im thinking that im not good enough.

So my question is, does anyone have any tips to get me through an interview? How do you handle it?

I really want this job which is making me even more nervous! xxx:confused:
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Trouble is,when you really really want something,it will make you feel sick with the fear of not getting it,thats what you have now with the interview.

My advice would be,look at the job and tell yourslef that if you dont get it,then another job will come up,you will do your best and thats all you can do,takes the edge of your nervousness for the interview.Good luck with it anyway.

OOPS !!!! I posted a bit late did'nt i !!!!.


no not too late the interview is tues morning. And what you said is so true, and i will try to remain calm.

Thanks for the reply. x

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Good luck for tomorrow. let us know what happens! xx


good advise i was once given is go with your own set of questions for the interviewee.
for instance what are the rules of salon, health and safety guidelines, work hours, shifts etc.....this always impresses, proves you r really interested and have put some thought in.
also a good answer to 'why u want the job' i found that when i said ' i was once a nail customer so i know what the customers needs are' worked really well lol
good luck xxxx


your best bet is also, if you think you may of failed, to ask if you can show your skills.
and get there with perfect nails OF COURSE.


had my interview this morning and think it went quite well, did a trade test and a polish test and was happy with the way it turned out so fingers crossed, by the end of next week i may be employed!

Don't want to get too excited incase i don't get it but if not then there's always other jobs.

Thanks for all the replies geeks.