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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
hiya all
its good to be back from hols :D , ive missed you lot :(
i thought id share with you all, a job i did on behalf of team creative last night
jodie kidd(as in super model!) organised a charity event in aid of the british red cross & children with aids.
the day started with a polo match, followed by a luxurious 5-course feast & an auction of donated prizes which included a 14 day stay for 4 people on richard bransons private necker island with 1st class flights!! :shock:
they raised £65,000 in all !
then came a fashion show as good as ive seen at london fashion week.
there were 10 models in all plus 2 guests.
when i arrived 2hrs early, i expected to sit around waiting for the models to arrive,however most of them were already there. so i went to speak to the head make-up artist to find out what the look was to be.
much to my delight he said "something dark & funky"(its not unusual to arrive with full kit like an expectant puppy, to be told "french polish will do") :?
so, creative juices flowing(but held in check by reality of time & probability that lots of models chew their nails :? ),i decided to use voodoo(high gloss black), with a single diamante almost touching the cutile area.
because i had the luxury of more time than usual, i was a bit more thorough with the prep.
this was great as i was painting with black, & you can imagine what havoc untidy cuticles wouldve had with that :rolleyes:
everything was going swell when (as they usually do) someone changed their mind & suddenly i now had 12 pairs of toes to do :shock: !
needless to say the toes werent given the pampering that the nails had, & i only applied a diamante on the big toe!
the models were lovely, as they usually are, & everyone loved my nails(as in on my hands!, i will get ruthie to help me post a piccie)
one of the guest models was chloe, who has just landed the lead roll in the new carry-on film "carry-on london".
she has a lot of p.r to do in sept. & she has asked me to do her nails like mine for her :D !
the bbc were there doing a documentary, so keep your eyes peeled.
the whole evening was a great success, & there were lots of celebs. no doubt hello & o.k mags will cover it.
as my families eyes start to glaze over after so long :shock: ! i thought you guys would appreciate how exciting it is to be involved in something like this.
also its good for you to know that creative nail design are actively involved in all the hottest, happening things that are going on.
sorry it was so long, but believe me it couldve been a whole lot longer!
lol liza xx
Sawadee ka

It take me long time read everything you very happy and maybe you get like star same i think the man and lady do everything for children sick have very good heart and i see magazine you say in Thailand i go look in shop when you say is in book and i look everthing for sure .

Kop khun ka mui
Sounds like a lot of fun.......congraduations on your success. I cant wait to see your nails.
Congratulations on your day in the spotlight. i know the enjoyment that is gained when you work on gigs like this. November fashion week will be Australia's fourth time CND has been involved with lifting the level of awareness to the consumer and MY second time heading up our PR team. You can imagine my delight when i discover I was to do Sarah Ferguson's niece for May Fashion Week(as only you would, my husband excitment is starting to wain).

Congratulations and keep the CND fires burning for Team Creative and all of our dedicated technicians.

Well Hun,
sounds like you had a ball, send me the piccies and i will put them on my Web site and then link them to this site....................
Funny that, I got the voodoo a couple of weeks ago and my clients have gone mad over it............. black is the new french it seems here ..........
Well reverse french polish as in Channel nails ala leighton denny.......

Can't wait to meet at ~Exel~, we can have a chinwag about comp technique, well you can enlighten me, as I kow as much abut comps as I do about rocket science....................
So catch ya later
love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
cheers ruthie :D
voodoo certainly is a great colour, & as you said it has so many uses other than "gothic"!
i will get pic's to you soon & then everyone can see what we're talking about! :D
lol liza xx
wow, liza that sounds all so exiting, just thinking about it makes my hand shake, lol god knows what they would have ended up with if i had done it. I am still very new to all this, but loving ever min of it. Cant wait to see the piccies, no pressure but HURRY HURRY HURRY lol.
Am so looking forward to excel as well, it will be my first time, hope not to spend too much.
Well done
I agree with Ruth that black is definitely the new french.

I was at a wedding on Sunday and I was wearing Cerise and black so I thought I'd do my nails to match. What do you think?


Has it worked?
Wow! sounds like you had lots of fun, can't wait to see nails.
... just an FYI - we found out about Pret-a-Polo on Thursday last week :shock: (typical that everything is ALWAYS last minute)!! and off Liza goes with her bag of tricks!! She does a great job and is always very professional so thank you Liza - you are a star!! xx :tongue: :thumbsup: :sunny: :salute: :queen: :flower: :goal: :rabbit: :mrgreen:
that sounds like a hugely successful day, cant wait to see pics.
BTW Kelly, those nails are fab too
Well Liza, you are definitely a star............
I have seen you jump into action , for last minute jobs.............
Saturday when one of your girls got taken ill, you just do it and don't grumble........... A true professional at work, and it was a pleasure to see you doing your stuff..................

So I am not suprised that this last minute job went smooth........
So send me the piccies and I will put them up for all to see........

lots of love babe
Ruth xxxxxxx

P.S. Kelly those are Fab xxxxxxxxxxxx
Well on my screen I can't see the nails so not sure if the rest of you can or not. If you can't then go to: - hopefully that will work!!!!
those nails are fabulous :thumbsup: Cant wait to see yours now Liza.
At last - black is the new black :D
Love it!
I've done a few pedicures lately with black polish, I didnt think i would like it but it looks great, especially with a couple of diamantes. I agree that the reverse french looks fab - is the Cotswolds ready for it??!! :shock:
hi guys
bad, bad news i'm afraid :(
i've just got my photos back from boots & guess what...............
kodak have RUINED the film :shock:
big letter of apology, free film etc, etc
well, you knpw what they can do with thier freebies..... :fire: :evil: :evil:
the few pic's i've got proove i was there, but that's about it :evil:
i will be taking my frustrations out on kodak 2moro, & my only hope for photos is that the event was covered by all the usual mags. like hello etc. & the last time i did a big job, a photo appeared in hello & i was able to buy the photos direct from the photographer.
understandably, they won't come cheap, so guess who i expect to pay the bill?!
yup, mr. kodak :x
i will keep you posted
lol liza xx
that just sucks - I am so sorry :x :evil: :twisted: - between us we have been terrible with pics!! We'll just have to send you off on another jaunt then!!!! ;)
Thats real bad news, I hope you get the pics you want and get reimbursed for them too. I was looking forward to having a peek
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