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Jul 29, 2007
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hi again

omg can anyone help with a quickie question??

i have trained in NVQ Level 2 beauty therapy which included manicures and pedicures and nailtiques manis/pedis and i am setting up my own mobile business carrying out these treatments but is that course enough to be trained in to do that???

or do i have to do an actual seperate nail technician course?!?!?

i asked an insurance company and they said that is fine but i was just panicking a bit!!

thanks x x x
That's fine. You're not doing nail enhancements are you?
You have to realise that your training/education is going to be an ongoing thing....as new products and techniques come out....so you have a good start there with what you have but never think that you won't need to continue learning....

If it were me I would start real slow and then build a business whilst still taking classes, but I'm in the US right now so I'm not 100% sure of the requirements where you are. I'm sure the other geeks will point you as well.

Good luck

no not doing nail enhancments, just the nailtiques manis and pedis. i understand new things will be coming out and when i have earnt more money i will train for more things.

do i have to be trained to do nail art?
No you don't. You can go on courses forever if you have the money but just perfect what you've already trained in (mani/pedi) and then worry about other stuff. Good luck.............you'll do great. xxx
so i can just do nail art on my normal clients and that would be ok??
yep, doing nail art will be no problem....if you decide you want to offer enhancements you'll have to do a course in order to be covered by your insurance.

Good luck xx

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