Just opened my home salon and would love to offer Shellac


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Apr 15, 2010
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Hi everyone, im new to here so bear with me, i have just opened my home salon and would love to offer shellac as a service although i am not a creative nail technician, do i need to be? , thanks:D
Welcome to the site ... no you don't need to be a Creative tech.

Just give the girls a ring in the Creative acadamy in the moring and they'll let you know how to go about ordering.

Don't forget to join our Irish group and N.I. group and you can chat to our lovely mrs o who is the CND queen :D
thanks karen for replying, i will give creative a ring in the morning:hug::hug:
Hi you are qualified in manicure though I take it. Are you a nail professional? soz just nothing in your profile and states you are not a nail prof x
hi yeah i am a fully qualified therapist for 11 years and, i work in a salon part time at the minute as i had a baby 10 months ago but i have converted my garage into a salon with reception area, 2 treatments rooms and i am aiming to eventually work from home permanently, the salon i currently work in offers shellac and my employer is a creative nail tech but i was unsure if i had to be a creative tech to offer shellac in my home salon
You should be fine then, it just stated you as being a skin pro only and not nails. Im sure s2 will be happy to open you an account there very friendly an helpfull, prob open secondary act untill you send in certs.

Give them a ring tomorrow x

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