Just started out - getting disheartned - some complaints


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Mar 15, 2008
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I am getting quite disheartend ... I have been set up doing nails and tanning mobile for a couple of months now and have recently added lash extensions. Most of my clients are family/friends and friends of friends - who come to me by word of mouth.

I recently advertised on the internet and have had 2 clients - who have both not really been happy with their treatments!

The first one was someone for lash extensions - I am doing them 1/2 price at the moment as I am newly qualified and need the expirience. The lady called the next day and said quite a few had fallen out - I ended up given her a refund - which i shouldnt have done - since speaking to the lash company I use - they said I had done everything right and was probably something the lady had done. Its my first complaint so just offerd a refund without thinking!

Last week I done a set of bio gel nails in french. I am normally quite happy with my gels - i know they are def not perfect and there is always stuff i would like to improve on but i am normally happy-ish with them. The lady I done last week seemed to pick at everyting I was doing and it was making me really nervous - i really did not like the nails - even though she did pay me - she didnt say she wasnt happy - but i sort of sensed she wasn't.

It has just put me down quite a lot ... I am only just starting out ... so want to keep going but dont feel good enough ... Any advice? x
Hayley lovely,

I want you to close your eyes (well not yet cos your reading this).....:)
See yourself walking in to the appointment that you do, are you full of energy, enthusiasm and confidence or do you creep in quietly hoping not to get noticed?

You are possibly oozing lack of confidence and your body language and your actual language is opening up offers for critique.

How do I know this? Cos I was like that! Years and years ago I used to do cake decorating (I know! :eek:) and when I handed the cake over to the buyer they would be in awe of it, but I would see EVERY SINGLE FLAW, I would then talk them through every flaw I could see!!!! OMG!

When I started in holistic/massage therapy 17 years ago one of my first paying clients that had booked from a newspaper advert, tore me to pieces, she criticised everything I did and rolled her eyes to the ceiling when I replied that I did a "text book" massage that I had learnt from college. I later learnt that she owned 2 local salons.

Did I go home and mope? Hell yes!
did I give up? Hell no!

her criticism spurred me on to be the BEST therapist that I could be.

So, ask a couple of friends over, tell them to bring wine and nibbles, and you pamper the daylights out of them practise practise practise.

The next time you go into an appointment, walk with confidence, KNOW you can do it. Ooze capability and enthusiasm.

You are entitled to lick your wounds and eat chocolate and feel sorry for yourself for a couple of days, then go out there and KICK ASS!
I agree with Hippy-Chick. We've all had clients like that when we're newly qualified. I've learnt over the years its all about the blag. As long as you know what your doing, however nervous you are, never, NEVER show your client. Carry on like you've been doing it for years.

If you make a mistake and know they will notice e.g. I waxed someone once and knew I didn't hold the skin taut enough. So I mentioned to her that she may bruise (no skin was taken off thankfully!) I text her a couple of days later to see how she was and she said she did get a small bruise. My point is, is that it made her think I knew my stuff, which I do, but she was one of my first waxing clients, so I was inwardly in a bit of a panic, but didn't let it show. If you show you client your nervous, or think your not good enough, you clients will absolutely pick up on it.

So don't be down about it, hold your head high and believe in yourself. Learn from your mistakes, because we all make them thats for sure. :hug:
Yes I also had the same problems and had a beautician book me for stuff! I even got to the point where I wanted to jack it all in but no I worked at it and so pleased that I did as feel 100% better now and have some lovely regulars!

Chin up and just forget about them and move on. I've learnt we can't please everyone and have stopped wasting my time trying to! :)
thanks for your replies - had a couple of days afer i posted this of no clients - in a way i think it done me the world of good - gave me the chance to calm down, think and realise that the majority of ppl i have had have loved their treatments so wont let it get me down... just cant wait for the day that i am pleased with all the nails, lashes etc that i do!! xxx
thanks for your replies - had a couple of days afer i posted this of no clients - in a way i think it done me the world of good - gave me the chance to calm down, think and realise that the majority of ppl i have had have loved their treatments so wont let it get me down... just cant wait for the day that i am pleased with all the nails, lashes etc that i do!! xxx

We all improve and learn as we go.
Practice as much as you can with friends and family.
Have a positive attitude and learn from your mistakes.
Do your best to put things right if they go wrong but beware of people trying to take advantage.
Moaning clients are a big pain in the bum, some people sadly feel better when they get a chance to pick on people.

A few weeks ago I had a client and I was just setting up to wax. She was really patronising, then commented on VERY young I was, she betted 'daddy' had set me up in business etc, when I put her straight that I'm not a school kid she shut up for a while, until she said she has one therapist in the world who she lets wax her, she can wax her properly, nobody else can, but this was an emergency. She said I wasn't pulling hard enough, because it wasn't hurting her and that I musn't be getting the hairs out - which of course I was. She then insisted on checking her leg, staring and feeling about for hairs, EVERY TIME I pulled the strip off, huffing and puffing. To say I was stressed was an understatement, I done several treatments on her that night and had the feeling that she was trying to provoke me, getting some sort of joy out of seeing me having to work under pressure. I just clenched my teeth and got on with it, knowing I still had bikini line and underarms to go. Constant moaning. Turn the wax down. No, turn it back up, theres a tiny bit of wax still on my leg, will you remove it right now please before you continue... When I had finished I was just starting to feel a tiny bit smug at how fast I had actually done the whole thing considering, when she felt the need to point out that her usual therapist would have had that done it in a fraction of the time. She stuck her nose up at my nail varnishes and we had to use hers, I didn't massage her feet as deeply as other people have done...

I don't think I have ever been so happy to get home in my life as I was that night... which was after half 10 at night by the time I had finished, although I insisted on doing the mini facial she had booked even though it was late as I wanted a bit extra cash for all the time I had been there, and she was getting 10% discount.

I still went home feeling like an incompetent idiot, and dreaded my appointments for days after lol.

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