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Jan 29, 2004
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Hi there

1st time on this site!

I'm just about to start out as a nail tech after completing all my training. I have decided to work from home to start with so that I can pick my hours and have also been ill and still receiving treatment.

I have looked through several websites and been told about LOADS of different products out there on the market BUT still have no idea!!

Just wondered if people would mind sharing what products they use/used and what everyone thinks about the different makes available. I'M LOST!!!!!!!

Great to hear from you

Hi Michelle and welcome to heaven........
You say you`ve just finished training so you must be using someones products, what are they? Are you not happy with them? If not, why not? If you`ve trained with these products and you`re not happy then you should be chatting to them with your concerns.
Usually once we`ve finished training we go out into that big wide world but continue with training or updating, maybe yearly or whenever possible to maintain what we`ve learnt and to expand our knowledge.
Its a bit difficult to answer your question as I don`t really know what it is you want.
I trained with Elida products at first, then Star Nails, NSI, IBD. In fact I have tried soooooo many, until I found Creative last year and I haven`t looked back.
There are many on this board who favour Creative at it does appear most of the time to be biased but we don`t mean to be and if you look around, there are loads who are not creative trained but could help you with your quest
Hi Michelle,
i was just reading Debs reply- she took the words out of my mouth.....lol :biggrin:
did you train with a college?
thats how i started
i did my nvq at my local college and we used cnd products (Creative)
i then went to work at a salon who also used cnd products
i became self empolyed abt 2 and a hlf yrs ago and have since discovered ezflow
and now as well as using ezflow in the salon, i am alos an ezflow educator

Its all abt finding the product you like but like most of us if you find a product you like then you'll be totally bias like me.....lol :biggrin:

Are you going to the trade show at olymipia in march?
if so there will be loads of companies like designer nails (cnd), ezflow, nsi, opi etc.....
i am sure there will be lots of demos etc.. so you'll be able to have a look at lots of different products and companies and talk to lots of different people about what you'd like to get from your product


I agree with all the above and i think trade shows are great for having a look a the products on offer. What i do when i am looking for a new system is i go with virgin nails and i try each company that i am interested in. You can grill the tech while she is putting your nail on and watch her technique. You can pick an awful lot up just by watching. I would reccomend going on the second day the first days of shows are always packed. Take the information (you can never have to much) and make a note of who's nail is who's. Then go away and see how they last on you any plus or minus faults then you can make a better desicion. Most professional companys will insist that you do a conversion course with them that way you know exactly how to use their products and get the most out of it.

I hope this helps and good luck with your future.
ps: i use cnd, backscratchers, biosculpture, LCN and a little fabric. We all have our fave products and systems. If there is any you are interested in do a search and you may find some info on it.
Thanks to everyone for your replies. Sorry mine did lack detail!!

I trained using NSI but they were just changing over to another make shortly after the training! I have got on OK with NSI but have had some problems with lifting and others on the training have said the same.

For manicures I have trained with Nailtiques, but I'm not that impressed with their formulas.

I am going to the show at London in March and hopefully will be able to get to some more in the year.

I have been busy looking on the web at all the diffferent makes etc trying to get as much info as poss.

Anyway thanks again for your help.
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