Just visited the chiropodist - agony!!


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Jul 31, 2005
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West Yorkshire
Last time I was in pain was 7 months to the day when I gave birth to my second baby. Could do with an epidural now!:cry:

Anyway - has anyone visited the chiropodist and found it so painful in terms of getting a verruca removed?

I only have a small verruca, was expecting some cream on it and it would fall off.

How wrong I was and I have to go through this weekly.

My toe feels like it is on fire, and it's throbbing, had my appointment at 6 and it is still burning now.

They put acid on it after cutting the dead skin off and then do the same each week. AAAGHH:eek::eek:

Then - you can't get it wet for three days, no showers (well I do with one foot up!) bath or swimming, then it kills going to the gym. So wasted membership and I so love going!

I'm beginning to feel is it really worth it. The burning soreness is that bad I had to stop on the way home as it was so sore.

I can't walk properly and daren't put my foot on the floor!

He told me it is a big wart and that you get verrucas when your immune system is low.

But seriously - to be in so much pain for a little "wart" or virus on my toe - I have to ask others who have been through this IS IT WORTH IT?

I'm being serious.Paying money to have your foot burnt and can't walk etc

Right I'm off I'm sorry to moan but this is just a nightmare lol!

tinky..can i just say..the first visit is the worst! it does get better!! i could hardly walk the first time i had my treatment for verrucas (i had about 8 in a cluster! yuck!) n the acid they put on it stung so badly! i was shocked i didn't think it would ache and sting so much! the pain does go down, the next time you go you won't feel much (well i hope you don't!) i ended up going to the chiropodist for about 10 visits to get rid of it! but i feel your pain darling xxx
Thanks for your reply,

It's awful, it's still burning now and I was up til 2 in pain got up at 7. I think I am going to ring them today. I can't go through this again lol although you said it does get better.

I have work at 430 and can't hardly walk I'm going to look like a right idiot lol!

If I'd have known it would be this bad for a little might I would have bought some bazuka!
you sound in ALOT of pain ,.........i hope you get better soon tinky xx:hug:
I just phoned the chiropodist he said I have a severe reaction so I had to bathe my foot and take the dressing off. He should be called a butcher and not a chiropodist. He also should have said what could happen.

My toes' still on fire and I have to work today, I've had to call hubby home as I'm struggling to walk and look after the kids lol!

So if anyone else goes for a similar treatment please ask them about side effects if there are any. I don't want people to go through this it's not funny!:eek:

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