Kaeso calming products for rosacea?


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Jan 28, 2012
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Hey, is it ok to use Kaeso calming products for rosacea or does it need to be products for hypersensitive skin? My mum really wants to have a facial but I don't have any other products at the moment. I was about to use Kaeso and do double cleanse, toning, exfoliation, massage and mask, but after reading more about rosacea now I'm not sure if it's still not gonna irritate her skin too much even though it's for sensitive skin? Can anyone tell me what are you using for this skin condition and which routine do you follow? Xxx
I've been using the Kaeso calming range for mine and it's really cleared it up, it's fantastic. However it depends on the severity of the rosacea, mine was in small patches on my brow and chin.

Hope this helps :D
I just have to say i have previously worked in the clinical skin care side of things and manual exfoliation for a rosea skin is a no no! There are products that contain very gentle "chemical" types of exfoliation than can be used. These prodcuts just gentely help to budge dead skin cells from the skin, they do not contain any beads and have a soft smooth texture every skin needs exfoliation and a rosea skin is no different but anything that will rub at the top of the skin would be a bad idea.

Hope this helps x
I was thinking about not exfoliating aswell, now im definitely not gonna do this, thank you! Was just worried that I shouldn't really use the products i've got. Are there any massage movements I should avoid? Xxx

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