Kim Lawless training booked!


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Princess Layla

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Sep 27, 2010
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Just booked my Kim lawless training in Cardiff, looking forward to it, anyone else going?! X
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Enjoy - you will love it!
What is Kim Lawless?? Sorry if I sound silly I've never heard of it x x
I have asked her but she hasn't replied to me :(
soooooo jealous.
I have asked her but she hasn't replied to me :(
So sorry about this but where did you contact me? I was so snow under with emails that I've recent;y taken on a PA and she's wonderful, so if you didn't get a reply, it may well be when I was dealing with them as I couldn't cope with teaching or waxing my clients all day and then spending all evening and Sundays getting back to people. So sorry.

If it was on here, your message isn't there and I have answered almost all of them now (I've been teaching in Manchester this week and working very long days).

I'll PM you now but if you could email Caroline (my PA) at [email protected] that would be great. Sorry and I promise to get back to you. Thanks, x
Oooo is there training in cardiff!! Fab! Il be checking those dates now xx
Ooh I emailed yesterday about any future Manc ones, can't wait to find out when they are, gutted I missed the ones this week! Hope you enjoy it X
Hi Kim yes it was on here, ok will email her thank you :)

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