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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

My questions i little bit scare ask because maybe stupid .

Have brush round oval and flat when i in Bangkok i use flat brush make acrylic and i like too much i not see lady speak about flat brush is for acyrlic or not and i not know why i like better but i do for sure i buy 1 already .

I buy some liquid and say high tech and have hema i not try yet i do lady today acrylic on her toes today but use another liquid i want try this with hema first i not see the word hema before .

I now have buff file 3 and 4 and buff block and buff chamois what better for natural nail and best acrylic for use i not sure .

and this 1 number 1 question before i have make infection in my nails cuticals 2 fingers and in my toe 1 because i teach ple how do manicure and she cut me 2 time but infection come from i think maybe nipper not sterlie what you do make nipper sterile and do you do sterile after every time use and infection in my toe because fone she cut me on this day i have very bad day but every thing good now i buy cream and tablet phamacy and good .

1 more question whats mean primerless liquid i no under stand .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Sawasdee ka

I want ask 1 more before geek him speak later can put photo geek and not have web site him make later .

Can now or not i take photo of some things Thailand and i want show you and i have photo maybe you enjoy of lady man if you not come Thailand you maybe not see before and some them very beautifull and speak very nice .

Kop khujn ka mui ka
Sawasdee ka

I look tomorrow my shop good today i very tired go home good night .

Mui ka
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