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Aug 16, 2003
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Hi all

I wonder if anyone can help? I have a client coming tomorrow morning who wears L&P. She is not one of my usual clients, but a friend of mine who is on holiday so as a favour I said I would help.

I am a gel tech and dont have much experience in L&P (although I have done some product training with it). I explained this to the client who understood and said if I could try my best to do some infills for her. I even tried to find an acrylic tech but there seems to be a lack of them in my area and she didnt want to travel too far! She came and saw me and was happy. She went away and put some nail polish on and found that on three of the nails there was some pitting. She is coming back tomorrow to try and have them smoothed out.

Can anyone tell me what is the best way of getting rid of the pitting marks in order to smooth them out? A step by step guide would be useful as, like I said I dont have much experience with L&P.

Thanks for any advice
Emma x
Hi hunny

Pitting is just where there is a dip ie. the application wasnt smooth. Use your 180 and 240 grit files then use a white block to finish off with. Finally, use a three way buffer then oil them.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.
Hi Carole

Thanks for the advice. I did as you suggested and they looked fab.

Thanks so much
Emma x
Hi fellow geek,

Just a thought you might want to change your brush you are using. When i learn't L&P i was taught to use a pointed bruch which i've found makes it hard to get an even surface which doesn't need much buffing. All i did was trim the end off of my brush to give it a flat edge and then i found my application improved 50%.

Might be something to consider, hope this helps.
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