L & P Extensions- please help, Im getting worse!


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Mar 10, 2009
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Hi Guys

I did a CND conversion course back in Aug, I dont get to do extensions that much but honest to god Im just getting worse.

In August they would take me 1 Hr 40 but this morning it took me about 2.5 hours and I still wasnt happy with them!! I had so much trouble trying to blend the tips, Im using velocity. At the conversion course they blended really easily but today it must have taken me a good 40 mins to blend them, although my L & P application seemed quite good today. I wondered if I needed to change my file but it hasnt had that much use.
Any advice greatly appreciated folks as Im going mad. Ive got a one to one booked for next week but would like to see what you think.
What files at what stages do you peeps use when doing L & P

thanks guys

H x
sorry to hear you're having troubles.

without seeing what you're doing, it's a little tricky to help. but these are the directions straight from CND

- choose a tip the perfect size or a little larger than the fingernail and tailor it with a 180 grit file
- apply tips without bubbles
- cut the tip using tip cutter
- blend the tip to the natural nail with a 240 grit file

the only thing i can advise is to always let the file do the work. don't grind it. you'll tire yourself out. practice file control. slow but steady. everything comes with practice!


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