L&P over Gel?


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Jan 12, 2003
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Bildeston, Ipswich
Just a quickie as feel like poo :(

I have a new client coming tomorrow who currently has gel enhancements on. Do I need to remove these totally or can I apply my L&P as a rebalance (as you know I'm all CND). If I can, please can you take me through the steps.

Thanks very much
Dellie the sick girl :pukeoff:
...hope you're not :puke: too much!!! You can R/B over the gel; you may get a different look - I used to get rid of everything and re-do on any new client - didn't want any suprises :shock: 2 weeks later!! Otherwise you will have to buff the Gel off - not nice for you or client but at least you know your job will be kick-a**!!! 8)
So far everyone that had "gel" nails from NSS salons (and other salons too) actually had MMA or L&P with a gel coat over it..they paid more for this "gel" and they were told that they are getting more healthy product....("because acrylic ruins the nails" :shock: :shock:, they were told that to boot!!) ...don't even get me started :evil:
Nothing wrong with L&P of course, but thats like selling you a tea and telling you it's a coffee..and charging more.
You had to see the expression on their faces when they saw a pot of "honey like" gel... (what is THAT???!!)
It's very sad...how unprofessional some "salons" can be

Anyway..going back to your question..just file it thin and rebalance as usual...unless.......it is a rubber based gel (like a Calgel or Bio), then I would recommend soaking that off and starting from the scratch
There's me worrying an all.........there's she only gone and picked the buggers off :rolleyes:

Anyway, saved me having to buff, buff, buff. I'd sort of decided to wait and see what they looked like as she had only had them on for just over 2 weeks.

Thanks for the advice though
A no more dicky tummy Dellie :p
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