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Jan 23, 2009
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Sorry in advance for the long post....I'm not a hair geek but I need some advice after having this treatment done (I was a model for my hairdresser friend on the Capital course)

Throughout the whole process I was wary as I've read a few others have had problems with this system on SG.

The straightening part was AGONISING! My friend was told (wrongly) by capital that all the tools would be provided (straighteners, hair dryer etc) but they weren't so she had to borrow the trainers things.

The plates on the straignteners were worn and were pulling my hair so much I was almost in tears (I mentioned this to the trainer and she said it was normal!)

I could feel my poor hair being pulled out and snapped while also being told that it HAD to be straightened 20 times per section in order for the treatment to work. My hair is very fine and fragile.

When the treatment was finished I stood up and the floor was covered in bits of snapped off hair and clumps where it had been pulled so tight. Given the shampoo and conditioner and told not to wash my hair for 4 days which I ignored and washed a day later as I couldn't bear to have this stuff on for any longer.

This was a week ago and my hair is ruined!! I have snapped off bits all through my parting, ends and my hair is greasy/covered with a film constantly. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner as directed but my hair feels like straw, is still frizzy and in really bad condition.

Pleaase someone tell me how to make it better!! Im at my wits end and it looks terrible! I've attached some pictures (these were taken the next day before washing and hair hasn't been wet or had anything done to it since the straightening they did for the course)

Thank you xx


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Oh no! Thats sounds and looks horrid!
Go get a good cut (sorry, only way to go im afraid)
quit using the shampoo and conditioner, invest in some Pureology Hydrate or Repair shampoo and conditioner, and perhaps the Essential Repair split end mender. A few washes and a cut cut should set you right :wink2:

Thanks for the reply, is there any use trying an intensive conditioner or treatment on it?

Am booked in for a cut next week and my friend has complained about the course and the fact my hair is ruined!

Thanks again. x :)
an intense treatment like Joico K Pak deep penetrating reconstructor or Pureology Repair mask will help to a certain degree, but you cant mend broken hair. Its best to cut it then carry on with the treaments to strengthen it up again.
So sorry youve had this problem, dont be put off keratin treatments. When done well with good stuff they are the bomb I promise!

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