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Nov 8, 2013
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hi everyone, after reading all your posts i have decided to choose a pack from LA Tanning, they seem to have a good name on here. There kitty kit offer looks good, just unsure on which soluion to choose any help would be great. thanks x
hi, I use LA Tan, and I find the golden range work for me. They give a nice natural sun kissed colour. I use LA 10 gold for my fairer skin clients, and LA cocktail 14% for my clients with med-dark skin tones. I do stock LA 12% to, which the younger clients seem to like. Good luck x
Hi I stock 8% gold, 10% brown, 12% brown and fast tan. I don't often use the 8% gold so when my litre runs out, I'll just buy a small size depending on clients at the time
Thanks guys, just ordered now, they were really helpful. Its coming monday. yayyyy, so excited. Got to choose 7 bottles!! went with x2 LA 10 golden, x2 LA 14 cocktail, x2 LA fast tan and x1 LA 12%. hope ive choosen right. :eek: x
I got a sample of cocktail and disco and I'm scared to use them! Are they not really dark??
Do you find it best to do one coat or two?
soooo happy!! the LA tan kit came this morning, and they have upgraded my unit from the kitty unit to the ts20 unit, free of charge!! i rang them to see if this was right, and they said, there kitty kit offer has done so well, they ran of units and are doing free upgrades to the ts20 unit(which is more expensive).....I tanned my mum this morning with the 10 gold, and my aunt with the cocktail 14, both lovely colours, nice and natural. Would definatly recommend, great value for money. Cant wait to start my business up £££££££££
This is why I love LA Tan. Never had bad service from them.
Will you post tomorrow to let us know how they turned out after washing off the guide colour?
I've just bought this, can't wait for it to arrive!!
I just orderd this kit I hope there upgrade mine :p x
hi all, so my mum and aunt both slept in there tan and i saw them earlier. i am really impressed! they looked great. My mum i did with the 10 gold, she is fair and blonde, she looked like she had that ''holiday glow'' and my aunt i did with a 14 cocktail, as she has darker skin tones, she again was a nice golden'y brown colour (similar to the 10 gold, but a deeper colour) hope that makes sense lol. Loving the ts20 unit they upgraded me to, really easy to use..very happy customer. ps- mrs slim, i did 1 coat, used about 70ml. hope you get the upgrade gilrs, sure you will x
I got my spray tan kit today and there too upgraded mine to.the ts 20! Soo happy x

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or glad you got a machine upgrade aswell, how exciting!!love the TS20 unit, so easy to use and really light! tried the LA Disco Mrs Slim, and it was a really nice dark brown colour, not scary at all lol. would say good for people with base tan or dark skin tones x
I Bought my kit from LA Last year and I've stayed with their solutions they are lovely and the customer service is absolutely fantastic I can't rate them highly enough they are a fab company xx

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