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Feb 12, 2016
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Hey everyone.
In need of advice!
I wanna take a course in la weave but I wanna know some Info first if you could help!!!
Eg- how many rows of weave do you put in for normal average thickness hair, (neither thick not thin?)
And what should the grams weigh per piece?
I have people enquiring about them already and j just want to get my bearings before I do the course!!
Many thanks!
About 6 rows .. A gram should weigh up to 120 -180
180 grams per piece of weave and I'll need 6 pieces? Xx
It varies I fit 120g in one person and 180g in another I have also fit 220g in a client .. It depends on head and hair how much hair and how many rows and you cut the weft to size but you will
Learn all that on your course x
Thanks everyone [emoji5]️[emoji5]️[emoji5]️ xxxx
I would say personally between 150g to 180g for a full head i have however managed to get 240 in a clients hair before, only the once.

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