Lack of CND training dates in Scotland


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Nov 20, 2008
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Hi geeks,

I just enquired with the fingertips centre about putting my new staff member on the complete CND nail course and there aren't any available dates until may 2014! I'm a bit gutted if I'm honest just cause I know how fab the training is, on the other hand I don't want to have to wait 6 months to get on a course. The girl said its because one of the trainers are on maternity. Can someone from CND maybe look into this? Are there any plans for maternity cover and extra staffing etc? Xx
Unfortunately, this site isn't a direct line to CND even though many geek members of are registered with them.

Your enquiries are really best directed to The Fingertips Centre or CND:

0845 210 6060
Yes noodle I did contact them as I said in my post. I've found in the past that whenever I write a comment about CND I do get people from there answering my questions, thanks!
CND don't organise or have any input with training calendars in the UK this is set up by either the individual EA's or the training centres.
I would suggest you contact Fiona Wallace at The Centre and discuss the situation with her.

No one can really do anything to help the situation on here as it's been said this isn't a direct line to CND or S2.

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