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Aug 24, 2015
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So, we had our first weeks trading and we've been received fairly well. A couple of raised eyebrows when I talk about male waxing but I have broad shoulders and am a "woman of the world". I'm also very comfortable with my choice of market so I expect to get a reaction from people as not everyone gets it.

So, I had one guy in on Saturday, who wore very dark, large sunglasses asking about our waxing services who just didn't seem right. But I remained professional and gave him a price list and he left. All good.

Today, I answered the phone to a young 20-something sounding voice who seemed cagey. Asks about massage and I explain I can book him in tomorrow as we were about to close for the day. He asks if its about half an hour and I explain the different treatments available and the timings. He then says do we offer any extras? I said no, we don't, we are not that kind of business to which he said OK, I know where to come if I want a proper one!!! Bless him, glad I'm offering a proper treatment as opposed to something "not proper"?????

The male species living up to their reputation!!!!! and leaving me disappointed that ladies working in the male market can't be taken seriously.
Hopefully, soon, your reputation will precede you and this will be a thing of the past.

There have been numerous posts on here from therapists suffering from inappropriate male client syndrome.

At least he asked!

We offer treatments to guys. Like you, we are clearly a pro salon and I've only had one unpleasant experience and that was last week - also a very young man. All our older male clients are very courteous and treat us as the professionals we are.

What makes it slightly hard for us is that there is a salon locally that offers 'massage'. Happy endings are a given. I don't understand how there's confusion. Their website clearly offers more than just massage with scantily clad women and so on. Unfortunately they wear the same uniform as us!

Sadly I think the repercussions of this are that men wanting a frisson of excitement may actually come for a genuine massage hoping that something might happen and it's that that excites them - like my little boy last week.

He wanted deeper massage. He didn't want aromatherapy oils. He didn't want aromatherapy massage - which is what we offer. We allowed him to move the goalposts. He wanted it on legs, inner thighs and buttocks as he works out a lot (he clearly didn't) and he enjoyed it a little bit too much. At the end I said "I don't think we offer the massage you need" to which he immediately asked what I meant. I told him that we offer aromatherapy massage. He needs deep tissue. More sports based. I told him we won't treat him again. I gave him the number of a remedial masseuse then rang her and told her. She is at least armed with the information.

Was his pleasure a bi product of my excellent massage? Maybe, but the fact that he had called so many of the shots left me on the back foot slightly. We won't be doing that again.

Good luck in your business.

Why anyone thinks that because we offer massage or waxing to men we are suddenly sex workers is beyond me.

Vic x
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@squidgernetball I was rather confused when you said "like my little boy last week". I thought you meant your son! My son is a little boy and he likes massage on his buttocks so I was following your post along those (innocent) lines.
@squidgernetball I was rather confused when you said "like my little boy last week". I thought you meant your son! My son is a little boy and he likes massage on his buttocks so I was following your post along those (innocent) lines.
Haha. I don't think they were innocent x
Ah it's your first week, only two dodgy ones, word will soon get round that you offer entirely professional waxing and massage services.

I've just had a nose at your website - it's good, and there's absolutely nothing about it that even hints at any 'extras', or could be misconstrued.

I've decided to train in male intimate waxing in the new year, as I get quite a few calls from men about it. I think (hope) I'm already quite good at filtering out the dodgy ones and have a small list of genuine (again - I hope!) men who have asked me to let them know when I've done my training, but I'm sure I'll have the occasional unpleasant surprise once I get up and running with it. It's a shame though that we have to expect or prepare for that scenario.
Unfortunately this happens I used offer male intimate waxing, I would get calls at 2 am on wards which didn't sit well with my now ex he thought I was having an affair and couldn't understand why men would be calling at that time in the morning !

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