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Mar 16, 2004
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Tunisia but ex Essex Gal!
Hi peeps, cant wait to meet you all that are attending the nail geek meeting on the 24th April at Lakeside, im really excited(nervous too lol!!) just wondered how we are going to recognise each other or do you think that will just fall in to place on the day? x x
I would like to go to this meeting but dont know where evry1 is meeting in lakeside
its a shame its during the day on my busiest working day
otherwise i would love to have gone!
i hope you book in some more dates but is there any chance you can book them on an eve or maybe a sunday?
have fun tho ppl
Hi jackie, were meeting at Lakeside on the 24th April @ 1.00pm outside Debenhams on the lower floor hope you can come x

Janis, yeah were definately holding another one in May and we will be arranging a different day for that one x
thx for that i hope to be able to make it if so c u there
I hope to be there, so will probably be the one walking about looking lost not knowing where everyone

See you there everyone, can't wait.:D
no that will be me lol
I,ll have to miss this time :cry: got to work.

It would be great if we could make an evening or sunday, definately a better time for some of usxxxx
i would normally b at work but because of my hands at the mo cant go to work
Me and Nail Star will be there, you will know us by the noise we create! Its one of those meetings that we should all wear pink carnations!

Look for the nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So what happened to everyone at the Lakeside meeting? Only three turned up - me, chocolate & sequinto (nice to meet you!). We had a lovely chat and went for a gorgeous hot chocolate which the rest of you missed!!!
Hi guys sorry i missed lakeside my boyfriend was supposed to drive me(my car is of the road until the 10th May) and he couldnt take me he just happened to ring me about an hour before to tell me so he let me down big time and i made him fully aware of it all weekend!, i was just so gutted i missed it even worse that i couldnt log on over the weekend to see if anyone was local to me for a cheeky lift! Glad you had a good time though hopefully i can make the May one as long as it is after the 10th May so i can drive myself!!!
nail_star2003 said:
So what happened to everyone at the Lakeside meeting? Only three turned up - me, chocolate & sequinto (nice to meet you!). We had a lovely chat and went for a gorgeous hot chocolate which the rest of you missed!!!
Hi all sorry not more could make it to l/side it was good to meet other two members chocolate & nailstar2003 hope we do another soon
SORRY guys i so wanted to be there. Had a nail client at the last minute, really couldn't aford to turn her away as a new client.

I will be there for the May one so please let us all know when etc. I did get the impression that alot more would be there, still wish i could of made it.

See you all soon,:o
Fab hot choc and excuse for a nail natter! Was great to meet you jackie, could have chatted all day!

HOPEFULLY more will be there next time, how about an evening next time, need to set the date soon?
does anyone know when the may meet will b yet?
could i make a request for a sunday!
hopefully lots more of us wil b able to make it
liza xx
I think a lot more peeps would be able to make it if it was on a saturday evening in a pub rather than our busiest day in a busy shopping centre.
Don`t get me wrong I still would have gone if I was available but so many of us work on saturdays anyway, I could only go if it was in the evenings
An evening sounds great, will sort the baby sitter as soon as we get a date! A pub sounds good, the hot choc was nice but i like a glass of wine to (Nail Star - i said glass, not bottle ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!)
Hi guys yeah evening would be better i can only make it after the 10th May though otherwise no car! x x
Definatley up for an evening as well,can't wait, the sooner the better.

Hey Kelly, i'm sure we could go up together will PM you.:biggrin:
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