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Mar 15, 2014
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Hi I have been doing lash extensions for about 4 years and I do a fair amount of clients in our beauty salon, they are happy and I get no issues, until lately I have a
Client who has had no lashes done before, after usual Consultation I applied lashes nouveau lashes x5 glue she has medium to short lashes fine I texture so used .15 thickness & J curl length varied from 8-10 ,
She keeps losing them I have asked her not to use mascara, she does come in with it on because she wants to fill gaps I remove with non oil make-up remover I dry , prime with nouveau pads , dry and do the lashes home care all ways given for 24 and 48 hours care I have now exhausted All possibilities [emoji29][emoji29] she is a hair dresser and her lashes stay on best if she is away on holiday which has happened on 2 occasions , she has lash sealant, and combs daily is gentle with make-up removal ( non oils ect) she says when they come out it is allot at once ?? what am I missing?

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